Why Lucas Systems?

Focus, Passion and Creativity

Lucas Systems is not your typical software company. We think differently about voice and mobile technology and about customers. We make the extra effort to find hidden operational challenges other people might miss, and we actively look for creative solutions to deliver the best possible results for your distribution center. Whether you are a Fortune 50 company or a single-site distributor, our goal is to deliver Mobile Work Execution solutions that exceed your expectations and justify your trust in us. But creative problem solving is just part of our story.

Lucas Employees
Some of the Team in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Innovation To Improve The User Experience

At Lucas Systems, we don’t just talk about warehouse experience: every person who works at Lucas spends time in a DC to see how our solutions impact managers, supervisors and hourly workers. This customer focus affects everything we do, from our product design, to system installation and training, through on-going customer support. And we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty working alongside DC associates to understand how they do their jobs.

Deep understanding of the warehouse is not our only difference. We always make an effort to look for the hidden logistics challenges other people might miss, and we seek out creative solutions rather than assuming the same approaches and standard voice-enabled WMS applications will be best for every DC. That’s part of the reason Lucas has led the industry in innovation, from introducing new voice-directed processes beyond voice picking, to adopting standard multi-modal RF terminals while the rest of the industry was tied to single-purpose, voice-only hardware.

We have continued our tradition of firsts by delivering Jennifer Mobile applications on powerful, rugged smartphones from Samsung and other industrial giants, and by introducing configurable Mobile Work Execution solutions that optimize hands-on work and enable process change without changing WMS systems.

What We Believe

Our Customers’ Success Is The Key To Our Growth

Since 1998, we have worked with hundreds of companies – Fortune 50 manufacturers, mid-sized retailers, and single-site distributors – with a single focus on ensuring they get the business results they expect from our solutions. We don’t measure the success of our projects by simply meeting a specification or requirement, but by delivering tangible operational improvements that justify our customers’ trust in us as their partner.

Technology Is Important, But Solutions Make The Difference

We’re firm believers in the benefits of speech recognition technology to improve warehouse efficiency, but we recognize that there are places where other technologies are more appropriate. That’s a big reason we start every project by looking at our customers’ business and distribution processes and keep an open mind to considering how other data capture and automation technologies may be better for a given task. We don’t think our customers should settle for a sub-optimal solution, even if that means using non-voice technologies to get the job done.

Standard Components Are Better Than Proprietary Solutions

We are experts in applying and optimizing speech recognition in industrial environments, but there are bigger companies with far deeper pockets investing hundreds of millions of dollars in core speech recognition technology for consumer and industrial applications. Rather than developing our own speech recognition engine, we use industry-best, third-party recognition algorithms. We surround the core engine with additional Lucas technology designed to optimize performance in the DC. This reliance on third-party technology gives us the flexibility and freedom to adopt new recognition technologies as the start-of-the-art evolves. Likewise, we have never been a hardware device manufacturer – there are plenty of big companies that do that and do it very well. Instead of recreating the wheel, we leverage these industry-best, third-party products. Ultimately, this is better for customers. They get more choices and better products available at market prices.