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Lucas Mobile Work Execution solutions are used in hundreds of distribution centers worldwide. Whether you are a Fortune 50 manufacturer, an online retailer, or a single-site distributor, our goal is to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations and justify your trust in us. Read on to hear how a few of our customers are using Jennifer voice picking and Lucas mobile work execution solutions in their DCs. Use their experience as a guide to what we can do for your DC.
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Customer Stories


Ace Endico – Foodservice Distribution

“As a byproduct of our productivity gains with Lucas and Jennifer we have been able to increase our shipping volumes with the same number of workers. And since our workers are paid based on productivity, they are taking home bigger paychecks. In addition, we have dramatically reduced re-ships due to picking errors, which saves us time and money, while improving customer satisfaction.”

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Cardinal Health – Health and Medical Products Distribution

“With our previous speech recognition engine and voice-only hardware, some workers had real challenges using voice. With Jennifer’s Serenade speech platform and standard mobile computers I had the whole team trained and working within 10 minutes, and the challenges have gone away. Those workers are happier and now they are also some of our top pickers.”

Read more or watch a webcast replay featuring Cardinal Health.


The Container Store – Retail and eFulfillment

“Distribution Center employees preferred Jennifer’s human voice, the easy, five minute voice training process, and the rich voice-enabled help functions. We also liked the ability to tailor what the user hears, not just for ease of use and efficiency, but also to keep things fun and interesting. Since installing Jennifer in September we’ve seen steady increases in picking productivity, in addition to a sharp reduction in training time for new employees.”

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Do it Best Corp. – Retail

“Under our old paper labeling system it could take 90 to 120 days [for new workers] to reach our productivity standards. We now see that happen in as little as two to three weeks…  The Motorola device we selected, the MC9000 series, can be [used for] voice, but also scan, display—that lowers our total cost of ownership by having one device that can be used for the various functions we do in the warehouse.”

Read more or watch the video case study.


Marcone Supply – Industrial/B2B Distribution

“Lucas integrated seamlessly with our WMS, practically eliminated downtime in receiving, and increased our shipping capacity by 50%. It’s totally revolutionized our warehouse operations.”

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Pet Supermarket – Retail

“Any time our picking volume exceeded about 45,000 pieces per day we would have overtime, and new store openings added to the overtime. With Jennifer we can do more than 60,000 pieces without overtime.”

“In less than two weeks we had the whole warehouse running up and running. This was the smoothest implementation of any technology I have been involved with in my 28 years.”

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Sentara Health – Healthcare Distribution

“Lucas has had a big impact in improving customer service. Hospitals know exactly when they are getting their orders, and they know the shipments are going to be accurate. This helps them plan and manage their staffing and resources. And that’s better for everyone, including patients.”

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Sinelco – Health and Beauty/B2B Distribution

“Some of our workers are picking twice as fast with Jennifer as they were with RF. And they prefer having a conversation with Jennifer. She helps them do their jobs better, and work is more fun and less monotonous. Initial training and start up was also faster than anything I have ever seen.”

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Upper Lakes

Upper Lakes Foods – Foodservice Distribution

“I was skeptical that a voice system could deliver better accuracy than an RF barcode-scanning system, but our results prove the clear advantages of voice for improving accuracy and efficiency. We are already seeing dramatic accuracy gains, and we are only getting started. During the ramp up of voice we have not emphasized picking rates, but we have seen productivity gains every week, and we are already exceeding our pre-voice picking rates.”

Read more or watch a foodservice user video.


Eby-Brown – Convenience Distribution

“Jennifer has delivered better-than-expected gains in picking productivity and accuracy, but the back story at Eby-Brown is how Jennifer made our transition to SAP WM invisible to workers on the warehouse floor … equally important, the Jennifer system gives us additional flexiblity to optimize picking assignments outside of the WMS. This has recently allowed us to increase our shipping volumes without making any additional capital investments in our DCs.”

“Far and away, it’s the best decision I ever made and the best product I ever brought in. This thing paid for itself in less than a year.”

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