Jennifer at ProMat 2013

Learn From Eby-Brown, Oriental Trading Company and Do it Best

There's no better way to learn about voice than to hear the real-world stories of current voice users. View the two videos below to hear what Chris Timmons of Eby-Brown, Gail Lind of Oriental Trading Company, and Brian Etzler of Bo it Best had to say in Lucas Systems' two educational sessions at Promat 2013.

Use the resource links at the bottom of this part to learn more, then contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting to see how voice can help you improve operations in your DC. 

Discovering the Hidden Value of Voice in the DC


In this directed discussion moderated by Jennifer Lachenman, Chris Timmons and Gail Lind describe the hidden benefits of voice in their operations, beyond the well-known advantages of increased worker productivity and accuracy. View this replay to understand how voice helps supervisors better manage operations, improve safety, reduce paper, and more.

 Leaning Your DC Operations with Voice


This presentation session features Brian Etzler, who shares how Do it Best eliminated waste and improved efficiency following lean principles and taking a bottom-up approach to voice process redesign. By identifying process issues at the source (on the warehouse floor) they got input and buy-in from hourly associates.

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Other Resources

Video Case Study

Do it Best is using Jennifer at each of its eight Retail Services Centers throughout the US. Watch this six minute video case study to hear all about it.