Who Uses Jennifer?

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We think Jennifer is the best, most user-friendly voice solution available for the warehouse, but don’t just take our word for it – take it from people who work with Jennifer every day. Follow the links below to hear how other companies are using Jennifer today. Use their experience as a guide to what Jennifer can do for your DC. Need more information? Contact us to schedule a walk-through of your DC.


Ace Endico logo

Ace Endico

Industry: Foodservice Distribution

“As a byproduct of our productivity gains with Jennifer we have been able to increase our shipping volumes with the same number of workers. And since our workers are paid based on productivity, they are taking home bigger paychecks. In addition, we have dramatically reduced re-ships due to picking errors, which saves us time and money, while improving customer satisfaction.”

Ace Endico Boosts Productivity, Quality, And Morale

Ace Endico Case Study


Awana Clubs logo

Awana Clubs

Industry: Direct Fulfillment

“We were expecting a 15 percent productivity increase, but we have realized a 35 percent improvement. Our average picking productivity was 113 lines per hour per employee. It’s now up around 195 to 200 lines per hour, and we’ve had four employees who have joined the 300 club, picking at the rate of 300 lines per hour for a full shift.”

Awana Clubs Case Study


Cardinal Health logo

Cardinal Health

Industry: Healthcare Distribution

“With our previous speech recognition engine and voice-only hardware, some workers had real challenges using voice. With Jennifer’s Serenade speech platform and standard mobile computers I had the whole team trained and working within 10 minutes, and the challenges have gone away. Those workers are happier and now they are also some of our top pickers.”

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The Container Store logo

The Container Store 

Industry: Retail and eCommerce

“Distribution Center employees preferred Jennifer’s human voice, the easy, five minute voice training process, and the rich voice-enabled help functions. We also liked the ability to tailor what the user hears, not just for ease of use and efficiency, but also to keep things fun and interesting. Since installing Jennifer in September we’ve seen steady increases in picking productivity, in addition to a sharp reduction in training time for new employees.”

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Do it Best Corp. logo

Do it Best Corp.

Industry: Hardware Retail

“Under our old paper labeling system it could take 90 to 120 days [for new workers] to reach our productivity standards. With the Jennifer solution, we now see that happen in as little as two to three weeks…  The Motorola device we selected, the MC9000 series, can be [used for} voice, but also scan, display—that lowers our total cost of ownership by having one device that can be used for the various functions we do in the warehouse.”

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Eby-Brown logo


Industry: Convenience Store Distribution

“Jennifer has delivered better-than-expected gains in picking productivity and accuracy, but the back story at Eby-Brown is how Jennifer made our transition to SAP WM invisible to workers on the warehouse floor. We decided to install Jennifer in our seven DCs before tackling the WMS project. By the time we started our SAP WM roll-out we had already earned a full payback on the voice system. And with Jennifer in place the transition to SAP was a non-event for our pickers.”

Eby-Brown Realizes Double-Digit Gains With Voice


HD Supply Facilities Maintenance logo

HD Supply 

Industry: MRO and Industrial Supply

“When we installed Jennifer at our Seattle Distribution Center, we saw an increase in both productivity and picking accuracy in just the first few weeks. As we implement the system in more locations in the coming months, we expect to see even greater efficiencies in our operations.”

SAP WM Users Add Jennifer VoicePlus

HD Supply Voice + WMS Presentation at WERC 2012


Henry Schein logo

Henry Schein 

Industry: Healthcare, Dental and Veterinary Supply

“What we did on paper we did well, with good productivity and accuracy. But the compelling reason for moving to voice was growth. The voice system provides a platform to manage growth while improving accuracy to our customers.”

Case Study - Henry Schein

Video Case Study


Owens and Minor logo

Owens & Minor

Industry: Healthcare Distribution 

“Owens & Minor and Lucas have formed a true partnership which has allowed us to accelerate our voice deployment plans, generating cost savings across our entire distribution network. When we first started working with Lucas we wanted to deploy Jennifer at 26 DCs this year. The initial roll outs went so well, and the results were so compelling, that we decided to accelerate those plans and to introduce Jennifer in 41 DCs.”

Video Case Study


 Upper Lakes Foods logoUpper Lakes Foods

Industry: Foodservice Distribution

“I was skeptical that a voice picking system could deliver better accuracy than an RF barcode-scanning system, but our results prove the clear advantages of voice.  We are already seeing dramatic accuracy gains with Jennifer, and we are only getting started.”

Pet Supermarket Logo

Pet Supermarket

Industry: Pet Products Retailer

“Any time our picking volume exceeded about 45,000 pieces per day we would have overtime, and new store openings added to the overtime. With Jennifer we can do more than 60,000 pieces without overtime.”

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RNDC logo

Republic National Distributing Company

Industry: Wine and Spirits Distribution 

“We have worked closely with Lucas to optimize our customer order picking process for our DCs, extend voice to other processes, and to take advantage of the many advances in speech and mobile computing technology. Over the last decade our average ‘bottle’ picking productivity rates have more than tripled. Our pre-voice pick rates were approximately 3 bottle picks per minute, and today our top performing employees pick more than 9 bottles per minute, as we have rolled out to other RNDC distribution centers the latest generation of Jennifer voice directed picking software.”

Jennifer Celebrates 10 Years Of Bucket Brigade Voice Picking


Readerlink logo


(formerly Levy Home Entertainment)  

Industry: Book Distribution

“With Jennifer, we are able to meet our daily and weekly production needs with fewer employees. The flexibility the system offers has helped us decrease our order cycle time while improving our productivity, and without sacrificing quality and accuracy. But we’ve realized additional savings beyond picking productivity. For example, the Jennifer solution determines exactly how many cartons we will need for each order, reducing the number of cartons we ship. This improved cartonization has allowed us to ship more units per carton, increasing our carton weight to offset rising transportation costs.”

Levy Home Entertainment Books Big Gains With Jennifer

Video Case Study - Henry Schein

This video case study shows how Jennifer has helped improve productivity and picking accuracy at Henry Schein's US distribution centers. The video includes a good step-by-step description of how the voice picking system is used.


Video Case Study - Owens and Minor

Hear how Owens & Minor expanded its Jennifer voice roll out from 14-40 sites in one year, while achieving significant cost savings. The key to their success: communication, training, and partnership.


Video Case Study - Southern Wine and Spirits

Watch this video case study to hear how Jennifer has nearly doubled bottle-picking productivity at the largest wine and spirits distributor in the US.