This guide reviews popular approaches to reducing travel (slotting, process engineering, robotics, etc.) in distribution center operations. Secondly, the paper discusses how AI-based optimization is providing distributors with double and triple-digit productivity gains at a fraction of the cost of robotic or automation systems.

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Table of Contents

  • DC Labor Shortages And The Productivity Challenge

Travel is the Lynchpin

  • Tried and True Travel Reduction Strategies

AS/RS Systems
“Robotic” Picking Systems

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots

Kiva’s Lead
Goods-to-Person AMRs
Autonomous Picking Carts
Conveyance Robots
Autonomous Lift Trucks
Robots-to-Goods AMRs
The Advantages of AMRs
ROI Considerations

  • A Software Approach To Reducing Travel: AI-Based Optimization

Intelligent Batching
Path Optimization
Using AI-Based Optimization With Robots

  • Eliminating Travel Without Automation

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