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The Fast Pace And Opportunity Of A Start Up With The Stability And Expertise Of An Established Leader

Lucas is a leading provider of enterprise software and mobile applications used in warehouses and distribution centers. Long before Siri and Alexa, we introduced Jennifer, the voice of mobile applications that make work easier, faster and better. We are growing rapidly, so we are adding talented software and logistics professionals to our teams based in Pittsburgh, PA and London, UK. Get a sneak peek of what it’s like to work at Lucas (and hear from the team) in the video!

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Fast Facts

Working at Lucas

The Lucas Systems culture has been as carefully managed as our growth and our products. We believe in what we do, as much as we believe in each other. We believe in rewarding great thinking and initiative. We attract high-quality people who like to work hard, and they stay with us for many years. If you know someone who might be a good fit, introduce us and you could make $2000! Find out how!

Why We Do What We Do

Lucas solutions help distributors, manufacturers and retailers meet the rising demands of getting the right product out the door faster. However, the benefits go beyond improving the bottom line. By equipping warehouse associates with technology that make their jobs easier and better, our solutions directly impact the quality of life for end-users. We often hear from users that Lucas has helped them do their job more confidently and effectively, providing the opportunity for them to earn bigger performance bonuses and reduce required overtime.

The Company We Keep

For Direct Relief, a nonprofit humanitarian organization, lives depend on efficient and accurate fulfillment. Watch this video to see how Lucas helps Direct Relief distribute medical supplies for emergency relief worldwide.



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