Delivery Better Service and Bigger Member Rebates With Lucas and Jennifer

Do It Best Corp.

The Client & The Ask

Do it Best is a member-owned hardware cooperative with more than 4,000 member-owned retail stores. Do it Best was one of the first companies in the world to implement voice picking software on open industry standard mobile computers, the Motorola MC9000. Since installing the Lucas solution featuring Jennifer in its 8 Retail Service Centers, the co-op has realized:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower shipping errors
  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Faster, easier training for new and seasonal employees
  • Increased member rebates

Why Lucas?

This six-minute video case study describes Do it Best’s journey, including the challenges, and results achieved both for the co-op and its member-owners.

Do It Best

The Voice Picking Project at Do It Best

  • Prior to installing the Lucas solution, Do it Best was using paper pick sheets and pick stickers to pull orders. The manual picking process limited picking productivity, resulted in errors that had to be fixed in QC, and required printing mountains of paper which created clerical work for DC staff and pickers. The productivity and accuracy challenges were magnified during peak shipping seasons when the 8 DCs would bring on scores of temporary workers to help meet demand.

The Lucas Solution

  • 1) Lucas mobile applications featuring Jennifer for case, bulk, and piece picking
  • 2) Lucas QC/Audit mobile QC audit application
  • 3) Lucas Management Services Console for assignment and task management, system configuration, and management and productivity reporting
  • 4) Motorola MC9000 mobile computers for voice-directed picking, QC/Audit, and traditional RF-based receiving, putaway, replenishment and cycle counting
  • 5) In-house WMS and Motorola 802.11 b/g wireless network
Do It Best
Voice Picking Videos

The Results

  1. 1) Reduced picking errors 67% 
  3. 2) Decreased returns (13%) and short claims (35%) 
  5. 3) Reduced annual QC costs $70K 
  7. 4) Improved net warehouse productivity 13% 
  9. 5) Reduced picking set up time 83% per assignment 
  11. 6) Reduce new employee training and ramp up time from two months to two weeks 
  13. 7) Significant annual labor cost savings through reduced overtime and temporary staffing

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