Simco Logistics Boosts Direct Store Delivery With Voice-Directed Warehouse Optimization

Simco Logistics is a family-owned distributor of Jack & Jill ice cream and other frozen snacks and foods, beverages, and deli products serving convenience stores, drug stores and other retailers, foodservice customers, and independent grocers. As a Direct Store Delivery company (DSD), delivery is core to Simco’s mission and success.

Simco’s leadership team wanted to improve accuracy and efficiency in their picking and loading processes by moving to an intelligent, voice-directed system. They also wanted to better organize products to make direct store delivery delivery easier and more efficient for drivers.

After evaluating a variety of warehouse software providers, the Simco team selected Lucas Systems based on software capability and flexibility, ease of use, integration with Oracle, and other factors.

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“We wanted to increase accuracy, streamline the process, and eliminate the paper.”
Ken Schwartz, CEO

Accuracy and Efficiency Gains for Workers, Supervisors, and Delivery Drivers

Picking, Loading and Direct Store Delivery Challenges

Prior to 2019, picking and loading processes were directed by paper using printed rack sheets from their Oracle ERP system. The paper-based processes created challenges for pickers, managers and delivery drivers.

Managers had to print, sort and distribute over 2,000 sheets of paper per day, taking them away from managing work on the warehouse floor. Racks or pallets were also occasionally mis-loaded, costing Simco time and money to rush deliveries and manage returns.

Creating an Intelligent Picking, Loading and Delivery
Process With Jennifer™ Voice

“Having the supervisors out on the floor has led to overall better performance in the warehouse, and the dashboards show supervisors and workers how many pieces each person is picking per hour. Now everybody knows they need to do the same amount. Those are huge benefits for us. The dashboards are incredible.”
Scott Van de Rign, Director of Warehousing and Logistics