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About Sinelco Group

Sinelco Group is a leading European distributor of salon and beauty products with a distribution center in Ronse, Belgium. Sinelco, which is owned by Sally Beauty Holdings, has been growing and shipping larger volumes of individual items, rather than full cases. To adapt to its changing business, Sinelco needed to rethink its picking process. The solution was to implement a Lucas solution featuring Jennifer voice, through Lucas Systems partner Dastronic, that optimizes the existing warehouse space and workforce.


Productivity With Lucas

“Dastronic projected we would see a productivity increase of 30% with pick by voice, but in reality some pickers work twice as fast with Lucas without even being aware of it,” explains Erwin Bauwens, General Manager of Sinelco International. “Equally important, our workers prefer having a ‘conversation’ with Jennifer as they work. In addition to helping them do their jobs better, work is more fun and less monotonous. Thanks to our workers and the team from Lucas and Dastronic, initial training and start up was faster than anything I have ever seen.”

The following resources are available to give you further insight into Sinelco’s incredible picking improvements.