Don Rombach, Senior Account Executive

“By studying processes, digging into customers’ problems and building relationships I am able to reimagine warehouse processes and help customers evolve their businesses with next generation technologies.”

Lucas Systems Senior Account Executive Don Rombach leverages nearly 30 years of supply chain experience to study processes, dig into customers’ challenges and build relationships that allow him to reimagine warehouse practices and help customers evolve their businesses with next generation technologies.

Through his experience on the warehouse floor as well as C-suite offices, Don has developed a keen and unique understanding of how distribution operations should work from both a process and technology perspective. He is passionate about identifying and solving customer problems while improving the daily life of warehouse workers, while building relationships and partnerships that allow him to help companies continuously adapt to changing markets and customer demands.

Don has shared his knowledge and expertise as an adjunct instructor in the Masters-level Supply Chain Management program at Duquesne University for several years, and also served the university as a member of the Supply Chain Advisory Board.

Thought Leadership from Don:

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