Manufacturing Warehouse Management Software

We help you maximize your warehouse and DC efficiency for ecom with multi-channel AI and voice technology.

Manufacturing Warehouse Management Software

We help you maximize your warehouse and DC efficiency for ecom with multi-channel AI and voice technology.


As one of the leading manufacturers of wire and cable used in the transmission and distribution of electricity, Southwire delivers power to millions of people around the world. It is also a major supplier of electrical products, components and tools used by contractors and consumers and sold through hardware retailers.

Apex Tool Group

Apex Tool Group is one of the leading global manufacturers of professional hand and power tools. The company’s half million square foot central distribution center in North Carolina serves multiple channels, including direct-to-consumer fulfillment, B2B distribution to retailers, as well as shipments to other ATG DCs throughout the world.

In today’s connected economy, fast, cost-effective distribution is a major competitive advantage. You need to support direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels while also serving wholesale and retail customers who demand better, faster service. In short, DC operations have never been so critical to your success.

Lucas can help you adapt your DC operations to thrive in this new world by:

  • Optimizing DTC fulfillment without changing other systems
  • Maximizing labor productivity to reduce costs
  • Eliminating errors to avoid chargebacks and returns
  • Improving management visibility to optimize efficiency and throughput

Lucas Warehouse Optimization software adapts to your requirements, optimizes in real time, and integrates seamlessly with enterprise IT systems, warehouse automation, and robotics.

Maximizing productivity

Reduce labor costs. Improve throughput. Enhance service.

The dramatic growth of ecommerce poses serious challenges to DC operations. Orders require special handling and speedy turnaround —which can explode your labor costs. We’ve helped dozens of manufacturers adapt their operations to the challenge, turning DTC orders from a loss-leader into a profitable growth engine.

We help you optimize B2B and B2C distribution without changing your existing WMS or ERP (whether SAP, Oracle, or a legacy system) and without changing your automation systems or DC layout. We give you the flexibility to expedite ecom orders while achieving new levels of accuracy and efficiency for your traditional B2B customers.

We’ve helped hundreds of manufacturers achieve phenomenal results:

  • Apex Tool Group reduced total DC labor hours by 10% and slashed retailer chargebacks.
  • Southwire doubled their lines per hour in ecom picking in the face of double-digit growth.
  • Rotary set new records for daily and monthly shipping volumes while reducing labor and improving accuracy.

Features and benefits

AI-based optimization. Adaptive, user-friendly workflows. Real-time visibility.

Lucas Warehouse Optimization features JenniferTM, our unique AI and voice technology – that sets new standards for DC performance. Jennifer makes work easier and better for your hourly associates and front-line managers by:

  • Continuously releasing and picking ecom orders for same-day shipping
  • Balancing and orchestrating work among people and robots across warehouse areas to make the most of your resources
  • Simplifying picking tasks to increase productivity, reduce associate training and eliminate errors

  • Optimizing batches and pick paths to reduce associate travel 50% or more
  • Giving managers full visibility and control over work in process, associate productivity, and exceptions

Ready to optimize?

Let’s turn your warehouse or DC operation into a competitive advantage, together.