These tools use a variety of web and cloud-based reporting and artificial intelligence tools to give executives and front-line managers data-driven insights they need to plan and manage all facets of operations, from inventory and workforce planning to predictive slotting and beyond. Best of all, DCs don’t need a team of in-house data analysts to create custom reports or an army of consultants to develop static decision-support models.

This twenty-minute webinar will describe the four types of analytics, the difference between today’s analytics compared to traditional WMS or ERP reporting, machine learning’s use of historical and how the cloud brings these tools in reach for all DCs.

Key Topics:

  • The four types of analytics: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive.
  • What is different about today’s analytics compared to traditional WMS or ERP reporting.
  • How machine learning can use historical data to take the guesswork out of operational planning.
  • How the cloud brings these new tools within reach of big and small DCs alike.