Artificial Intelligence is a strategic game changer in the DC

An independent market study commissioned by Lucas revealed that US and UK companies expect to achieve a large, rapid ROI using AI in their DCs. This exclusive ebook outlines key findings of the study, and provides five fast start recommendations to accelerate your AI initiatives.

Table of Contents

  1. Artificial Intelligence in the DC
  2. AI Offers Massive Potential Paybacks
  3. Creating a Very Compelling Return on Investment
    1. Expected return on investment from AI-based software
  4. Respondents See the Next 5 Years as a Critical Pivot Point
    1. How long will it take warehouses/distribution centers to maximize the potential of AI?
  5. Operators are Targeting These Hot Spots for Implementing AI Solutions
  6. But Perceptions on Expertise, Costs, and Control Are Holding Companies Back
  7. Delivering Compelling Benefits across Key Warehouse Metrics
  8. Don’t Miss Out – Achieve Your AI Potential

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