In-store fulfillment is an increasingly important piece of the ecommerce puzzle. But stores are a weak link in omni-channel fulfillment due to immature processes and systems. Work execution software used in distribution centers can fill the void in store-based systems and enable effective in store picking for click-and-collect and same day delivery.


Retailers are striving to give consumers a seamless, omni-channel shopping and buying experience across stores, online, and mobile. To achieve their omni- channel ambitions they also need to deliver the right product at the right time, through multiple channels, at the best possible cost. Most retailers don’t have adequate in-store fulfillment systems for managing inventory or for directing receiving, returns or order picking activities.

This guide discusses the trends in omni-channel fulfillment, technology foundations for store-based fulfillment, a lesson from distribution centers, fulfillment processes including receiving, put away, picking & returns and finally the future of store based fulfillment and how work execution can help stores get products out the door faster.

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