Lucas Engage

Insight and Control For Managers

Lucas Engage is the Lucas work execution software and web-based management dashboard that can be hosted in the cloud, on-site or in a private network. Engage uses advanced mathematical models to optimize work assignments across tasks (picking, cross-dock, receiving, replenishment, etc.), and it orchestrates hands-on processes among workers on the warehouse floor.

The Engage Management Dashboard gives supervisors and managers real-time visibility into their operations, exceptions, associate productivity, and workflow, as well as powerful tools to manage mobile work execution by workers using Lucas Move. Engage also lets managers configure how they view information to suit their needs and preferences. And since supervisors today need to be as mobile as their workers, they can access Engage on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Lucas Engage
Configurable Assignment Creation

Configurable Assignment Creation

Engage can import and manage work assignments defined by a WMS, but for DCs looking to reduce travel and improve efficiency, it allows you to group and manage customer orders and work assignments in different ways for different warehouse areas, groups of users, or order types, based on pre-defined business rules. For example, Engage allows you to create higher-pick densities and different picking workflows for slow or fast-moving items without changing WMS workflows. And the assignment creation rules can be managed by on-site personnel, rather than IT staff (the rules are managed using the Engage Management Dashboard).

Work Distribution and Orchestration

Engage provides multiple means for distributing work to employees, and coordinates tasks among employees using Lucas Move. Picking, replenishment and other work assignments may be pushed to users, pulled by user (i.e., voice user will request a specific customer order, etc.), or a combination of the two, and Engage also allows work to be passed and completed by multiple people. It also manages task interleaving, real-time exception processing (such as updating pick assignments based on stock outs), and pre- and post-assignment label printing, among others.
Work Distribution and Orchestration
Lucas Enterprise Integration

Flexible Integration and Architecture

System integration is a vital part of any software implementation. Although integration can be complex, our standards-based system interfaces make the integration process easier and less risky. Lucas integrates with ERP, WMS, LMS, WCS, order management and other systems using a standards-based EAI framework. In addition Engage can be securely hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premise.

Dynamic Work Optimization

Lucas Engage includes dynamic work optimization tools that use advanced mathematical models to reduce travel, increase pick density, and optimize the use of labor and other DC resources. For travel-intensive activities like putaway, replenishment and picking, the tool calculates the shortest path and optimal work sequence, significantly reducing travel compared to organizing work based simply on warehouse sequence. For batch picking processes, the tool applies advanced algorithms developed by Lucas to create optimized batch assignments that maximize pick density and minimize travel. Working together, the batch and travel path optimizations can reduce average travel time by 30-70%.

Engage Management Dashboard

Supervisors and DC managers use the Engage Management Dashboard to view and manage work in process, employee performance, and exceptions.

Detailed Productivity and Performance Data

Engage gives managers immediate, up to the minute performance information by user, process and work area. All productivity data can be used as is or integrated with an external Labor Management System. For DCs with defined performance standards and productivity rates, the Engage Speedometer allows managers to provide productivity alerts to users via Jennifer and Lucas Move. Likewise, workers using Lucas Move can ask Jennifer their current productivity.
Detailed Performance Data
DC Manager

Manage Work In-Process

Picking, replenishment and other work assignments may be pushed to users, pulled by user (i.e., voice user will request a specific customer order, etc.), or a combination, depending on the requirements of the DC, work area, or task. Using the Engage Dashboard, supervisors can manage the priority of work, allocate assignments to specific users, and hold or release available work to balance work across a DC.

Manage System Configurations and Settings

Engage is also used to manage user, workflow and system configurations, such as assignment creation rules. Supervisors also use Engage to manage and update basic components of the Lucas Move mobile application workflow (such as Jennifer’s language, item and location verification methods, data capture requirements, etc.). These configuration tools allow managers and supervisors to adapt their processes to changing requirements without IT involvement.
Lucas Move

Real-Time Exception and Process Management

Through the Engage Management Dashboard, managers have real-time insight into the status of work, with visual dashboards highlighting work completion, in-process and available by area and/or process. Exception tracking and real-time alerts allow supervisory staff to address issues as they arise, improving responsiveness and overall efficiency.

Work Execution At Direct Relief

Efficient and accurate fulfillment is not just critical, it is lifesaving. Direct Relief implemented the Lucas solution to assist them in the distribution of medical supplies for emergency relief. We are very proud to partner with Direct Relief in accomplishing their wonderful mission.

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