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Complementary Technology and Solution Providers Deliver Greater Value to Customers

Lucas Systems partners with a select group of complementary software and technology providers, including ERP and WMS software companies, material handling system integrators, and leading mobile computing and automatic identification device manufacturers. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing solutions that utilize the best available software and hardware options, providing our customers with choices, which lead to savings.

However, we primarily deliver our software solutions directly to customers. This ensures that we are able to provide direct, one-call support to our customers, and it ensures that each of our customers is able to fully benefit from our extensive experience delivering mobile work execution solutions. In markets where our partners add value to our customers, such as in countries where we don’t have a local presence, we work with strong partners to deliver solutions and support.

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Mobile Computing | WMS and ERP | System Integration

Mobile Computing and AIDC

Lucas Move mobile applications runs on a variety of commercially available, non-proprietary mobile devices from companies such as Zebra (Motorola, Symbol, Psion), Honeywell (LXE, Intermec), Samsung, and Datalogic.

We have never been a hardware device manufacturer – there are plenty of big companies that do that and do it very well. Instead of recreating the wheel, we leverage these industry-best, third-party products. Ultimately, this is better for customers. They get more choices and better products available at market prices.

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Featured Partner:

Samsung Electronics Co. leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. In 2014, Samsung ranked as the leading provider in the mobile phone market, with over 30% of the global market. The company is expanding the Android smartphone ecosystem with new form-factors and devices, like Galaxy Gear smartwatches and other devices that give users instant notifications, remote control features and compatibility with many Samsung devices.

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WMS and ERP Providers

We work with dozens of enterprise software companies ranging from tier 1 WMS providers (e.g., Manhattan Associates, Infor, JDA, SAP, etc.) to in-house IT teams managing legacy software packages. Our standards-based interfaces allow for easy integration with all of the leading WMS and ERP systems.

For over 17 years we’ve been delivering software that integrates seamlessly with our customers‘ existing systems, minimizing risks and easing the transition for the end-users. Whatever systems you have in place, we’ll work with you to ensure that our solution enhances the processes that are working for you and improves the ones that aren’t.

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Featured Partner:

Oracle has a proven solution to fit your needs. Oracle’s Warehouse Management applications work with your other logistics applications. The same base system can contract or expand so that it’s simple enough for a terminal or sophisticated enough for your biggest distribution center. Oracle’€™s flexibility allows you to quickly add operations for new business initiatives like omni-channel fulfillment. And Oracle’€™s award winning analytics allow you see everything about your operations so that you can focus on the metrics that matter.

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System Integration

We work with material handling integrators and other system integrators to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers that feature the best of both automation and optimized manual processes.

Some system integrators work with us to provide Lucas mobile work execution solutions to markets where we do not have a local presence, ensuring that our customers benefit from local support as well as our many years of experience optimizing hands-on processes.

Featured Partner:

DMW&H is one of America’s most experienced warehouse material handling systems integrators. Headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey, the company employs over 100 experienced professionals, including one of the strongest and most qualified engineering and support staffs in the material handling industry. Their team is dedicated to helping clients optimize the flow of merchandise through their warehouses while minimizing labor costs and maximizing space utilization.

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