In most foodservice DCs, travel accounts for up to 70% of total order selection time. A big reason for this is that most DCs are creating units of work – two or three pallet assignments – using simplistic batching rules and sequence-based routing that takes selectors on sub-optimal travel paths.

Through Lucas Systems Dynamic Work Optimization solution, there is a way to attack this travel problem using AI that can improve selector productivity 8-15%, reduce travel 20-30% and optimize labor beyond order selection with intelligent task allocation and machine learning based analytics for slotting and workforce management. And the best part is you can do it without changing any of your existing systems.

In this 11-minute video you will learn:

  • How to solve the most critical worker travel challenges in the DC
  • The limitations of typical WMS-directed batching and selection sequencing
  • How intelligent best pallet matching, path optimization, and dynamic prioritization can be a game changer for your DC workforce

Presenter Dan Keller, Senior Consultant at Lucas Systems, has been designing and delivering innovative software solutions for warehouses and distribution centers for 35+ years.

As an early evangelist for voice technology, he has participated in dozens of industry-first implementations of voice and other technologies in industries spanning food and beverage, retail, healthcare, industrial supply, and manufacturing. He has held roles in sales, marketing, solutions design and delivery during his 20+ years at Lucas Systems and is a frequent speaker at supply chain and logistics conferences, including the Warehousing Education and Research Council, the Wine and Spirits Wholesaler’s Association, the Foodservice Distribution Conference, the Healthcare Distributors Management Association and more.