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One-Call Customer Support

Once your Lucas software solution is fully implemented, your team is trained, and your operations are humming toward optimal productivity and accuracy, our support team is there 24/7 to back you up. Lucas Systems offers world class maintenance and support programs that are delivered by an in-house technical support team of experienced engineers.

Friendly, Experienced Engineers – Available 24/7

Rather than utilizing a help desk or call center operators as a first line of support, all customer issues are addressed through our 24-hour support line, which is manned by our software support engineers. Based in our corporate headquarters outside of Pittsburgh, PA, our support team is equipped to provide our customers with the best customer service in the industry.

These specialists are experienced software developers, trained to resolve issues on the first call, if possible, and to ensure customer systems are functioning as efficiently as possible. Because our software is developed and delivered directly by Lucas, rather than through partners, our support team is familiar with every level of the solution, from the base product to any customer-specific configurations.

Some of our customer support engineers at Lucas HQ

Experts In More Than Just Software

In addition to their expertise in software, our support engineers are also cross-trained and involved in delivering on-site installation services and training. This gives our team unique insight into how our customers are using our applications and an understanding of the impact our software has on their operations.

Our support engineers can also provide first-line diagnostics on mobile computing devices used with Lucas Move mobile applications, provided that the hardware was purchased through Lucas Systems.

Committed to Customer Success

Overall, our support team is there to make sure our customers get the results they need in their operations year after year. We keep customers working efficiently so that they can distribute products as quickly, easily and accurately as possible. The end result is a global network of satisfied Lucas customers who provide exceptional service to their customers and exceptional results to their stakeholders.