Product Slotting

We optimize product slotting to maximize your productivity, throughput, accuracy and safety

Proper product slotting improves labor productivity, DC throughput, and order accuracy. But doing slotting well hasn’t been easy. Until now. Lucas Dynamic Slotting uses AI to eliminate the time-consuming engineering and manual modeling required for traditional slotting systems.

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Powerful AI simplifies slotting decisions

Lucas applies advanced machine- learning algorithms to recommend the best locations for your inventory based on SKU velocity, SKU affinity, product/slot information, pick paths and other data. Our Dynamic Slotting gives your inventory staff the AI-powered recommendations and analysis tools you need.

  • System-generated recommendations identify product moves that offer the biggest potential payback
  • Staff can perform “what-if” analysis on selected SKUs or locations
  • Warehouse heatmaps help managers zero in on potential slotting changes
  • Similarity detection prevents placing similar items side-by-side, to avoid picking errors
  • Lucas AI adapts as products, orders and processes change
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Dynamic slotting with Jennifer

Product slotting is a complex problem. It involves many input factors and many goals (which are sometimes at odds with each other). Traditional slotting solutions require customized models, extensive engineering, measurement, and data collection.

Jennifer AI eliminates the need for manual engineering and measurement. Jennifer algorithms create a robust slotting model, learn the spatial characteristics of the DC, and predict task time based on activity-level data captured in the DC. Better still, the model adapts to your DC and evolves as conditions change, providing continuous optimization.

Our dynamic slotting can:

  • Increase productivity 5-20%
  • Improve warehouse space utilization
  • Enhance ergonomics and worker safety
  • Improve picking accuracy
  • Reduce inventory errors and damage
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