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Work Execution Software For A New Era Of Distribution

Retailers, B2B distributors and manufacturers are facing new competitive challenges and changing fulfillment and delivery requirements (direct-to-customer, ship-to-store, ship-from-store, etc.). These market forces put new pressures on distribution operations, threatening increased costs in the face of customer demands for lower prices and faster, error-free delivery.

Lucas Work Execution Software Solutions are designed for this new era of distribution, providing flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in manual work processes across distribution channels.


Automation & Mobility From The DC To The Storefront

Warehouse automation is part of the solution for these new distribution challenges, but even automated DCs rely on large numbers of workers to manually pick and pack orders, receive and replenish products, and move and manage inventory. Traditional point solutions for mobile work – including pick-to-light, RF and voice picking – lack the flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of today’s distribution centers. And DCs no longer function in isolation from storefronts, branches and other downstream distribution points.

Just as DCs need to address new order types (ship-to-store), retail stores need to develop more efficient processes for picking and packing customer orders, sorting inbound orders, and better managing inventory that is connected across hundreds of stores and distribution centers. The bottom line is that companies need to improve and adapt manual processes across the supply chain, with capabilities beyond traditional mobile technologies used in the DC.

  • Distribution
  • Warehouse
  • Retail Store
  • Other

1) Customer Fulfillment

2) Store Replenishment

3) Inbound & Outbound Operations

4) Inventory Controls

5) Returns

1) Pick-for-Production/Kitting

2) Inbound

3) Outbound Distribution

1) Order Picking

2) Order Sortation

3) Put-To-Order

1) Hospital Material Management

2) DSD Depot

3) Industrial Supply Branch

Makes Hands-On Work Easier and Better

Lucas Work Execution Software optimizes hands-on work and streamlines manual processes with mobile applications – Lucas Move, featuring Jennifer – that are designed to make work easier, faster, and more accurate for workers. The solutions are easier to learn, and easier to use for full-time, part-time, and temporary staff. The solutions also include Web-based management dashboards – Lucas Engage – that give managers real-time insight and control over operations – ensuring orders go out on time, every time. And the solutions complement and extend existing host, WMS, LMS and automation systems, rather than duplicating existing systems and capabilities.

Filling Gaps In Planning And Automation Systems

Warehouse management systems are designed for inventory optimization and planning, but they do not provide rich, configurable workflows that allow DCs to optimize the way work is performed by associates on the warehouse floor. Likewise, WCS and other automation systems are concerned only with planning and execution of automated material handling processes, rather than the manual processes that still prevail between islands of automation in the DC.

Lucas Work Execution Software Solutions fill the gap between inventory planning and automation systems, giving DCs the tools to streamline, reengineer and improve hands-on work. The solutions combine Lucas Move applications used by workers with cloud- or server-based software (Lucas Engage) that optimizes and orchestrates mobile work processes, as well as a web-based management dashboard that gives supervisors and managers real-time reporting and process management tools.

Operational Analysis and Process Design

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We help DCs reduce labor costs, improve hands-on tasks and streamline operations from receiving to shipping and returns. Best of all, you can keep your WMS as-is – we fill the gaps rather than replacing what you already have.

Interested in seeing how much you could save if you implemented a Lucas solution? Check out our savings calculator.

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