Optimize your DC with Jennifer™ AI

Lucas AI-based warehouse optimization solutions, featuring Jennifer™, reduce labor, increase accuracy and maximize throughput. With Jennifer™, you can keep your WMS, current warehouse infrastructure, and double productivity.

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Warehouse Optimization

Transform DC operations and continuously adapt to changing customer demands

Jennifer™ has helped hundreds of distributors overcome the most important challenges they face – from increasing productivity and accuracy to adapting to customer demands. There’s a reason 15,000+ warehouse workers work with Jennifer™ every day.

Travel Optimization

Double Productivity &#8594

Double productivity with AI-based travel optimization combining intelligent batch picking and path optimization.

Mobile Applications

Increase Efficiency &#8594

Maximize efficiency across all workflows with easy-to-use multi-modal mobile applications incorporating voice, scanning and visual prompts.

Optimize People and Robots &#8594

Optimize the coordination and communication of humans and robots by efficiently orchestrating work with Jennifer™.


Optimize Inventory &#8594

Optimize your inventory by efficiently and dynamically slotting products ahead of changing conditions with AI-based dynamic slotting.


Improve Worker Safety &#8594

Improve the safety and ergonomics of your warehouse workers with hands and eyes free voice-directed applications.

Waveless Order Release

Increase Throughput &#8594

Increase throughput and reduce turnaround times by efficiently allocating workers and equipment with a “waveless” order release.

Management Console

Improve Manager Effectiveness &#8594

Provide supervisors with management dashboards that allows them to control operations and see real-time insights on productivity, workflow, exceptions, and other operational data.


Increase Accuracy &#8594

Achieve greater than 99% accuracy rates with efficient pick/put validations (variable check strings, quantity validations, countdowns) and optimized audit criteria

Voice Picking

Reduce Training &#8594

Reduce training and onboarding up to 90% with dual speech recognition technology and multilingual voice applications that require no voice template training.


Extend Current Systems &#8594

Reuse and extend your current systems with smart software and standards-based interfaces. (making integration quick and effective).

Workforce Planning

Minimize Labor &#8594

Allow managers to minimize labor by efficiently allocating workers and resources with machine learning based predictive workforce planning solutions.

Order consolidation

Increase Flexibility &#8594

Increase flexibility with adaptive voice-directed workflows that can be configured to meet specific business requirements. (e.g. voice-directed put walls for order consolidation).

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We’ve delivered innovative optimization solutions in hundreds of DCs

Case Picking
We helped Baptist Health, a leading healthcare provider, double picking productivity.“The previous average picking rate in the LUM area was 50-56 lines per hour (LPH). Today it is 100-110. That is a 100% improvement, and in bulk picking, the number is about 20 percent.”

-Dale Adamson, AVP of Logistics and Distribution

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We helped Apex Tool Group, a leading manufacturer of hand and power tools, operate with 10% fewer man hours.“You rarely implement a new system and have users tell you ‘It’s made my life so much easier!’ Making the processes better for associates makes them more productive. And that’s better for the business.”

-Chris Rufa, Senior Director of Global Distribution

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Join the hundreds of distributors that trust Lucas to get their products to customers, faster and more accurately than ever before.

Lucas customers have seen:

  • Over 100% productivity improvements (36% average)
  • 50% reduction in labor hours
  • 99.99% same-day shipping
  • 80% error reduction in 2 months (99.99% accuracy average)
  • 50% increase in shipping capacity
  • 33% increase in throughput
  • 20% improvement in inventory accuracy
  • New worker training reduced from 2 weeks to 1 day