Warehouse and distribution center operations and technology are changing rapidly, as companies adapt their supply chains to ecommerce and a range of other business, economic and social trends. With so much change, it’s a battle to keep up with the latest technological advancements – like autonomous mobile robots – let alone new distribution and business models like on-demand warehousing and store-based fulfillment. Below we list our favorite go-to sources for information and news about what his happening in the industry. In addition to our Warehouse Optimization Blog and monthly Warehouse and DC Newsletter, the list includes the top publications, blogs, newsletters, podcasts and video channels that will help you stay up to date on all things related to warehouse and distribution logistics.


Many of these publications are available online, including exclusive blogs, videos and other content that supplements the traditional print publication.

DC Velocity – DC Velocity provides comprehensive coverage on distribution center or warehouse topics, transportation and the overarching information technologies that support and integrate the two. In addition DC Velocity offers a variety of strategies to help you optimize your supply chain.  Learn More →

Modern Materials Handling – Modern Materials Handling is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive coverage of productivity solutions for materials handling professionals in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing. Learn More →

MHI Solutions – MHI Solutions magazine is the official publication of MHI, the nation’s largest material handling, logistics and supply chain association. Members include warehouse automation, robotics, and supply chain software providers. The MHI solutions magazine is sent out quarterly and there is also a digital copy available. Learn More →

CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly – Six times per year, this publication delivers the top news stories on supply chain operations along with more specific topics like procurement, manufacturing, financing, warehousing, and product design. In addition to news the publication offers insightful advice and ideas for their readers. Learn More →

Inbound Logistics – This magazine provides news stories, industry comments, in-depth technical articles, round-ups, research, awards, special features and more on supply chain management, warehousing, logistics, transportation, logistics and IT. Learn More →

Logistics Management – Logistics Management provides the industry with a monthly magazine, logistics outlooks and buyers guides. In addition, Logistics Management provides countless news stories, blog posts and downloadable resources for warehouses and DCs including topics from operations, strategies, sustainability and metrics.  Learn More →

Material Handling & Logistics – MH&L covers warehousing & distribution, material handling equipment, transportation strategies, sustainability, logistics, global commerce, technology, workforce management and more. The publication delivers an editorial that support a contemporary view of material handling and logistics.

Food Logistics – Published 10 times per year, Food Logistics is the only magazine that is exclusively dedicated to covering the food and beverage supply chain. Learn More →

Supply & Demand Chain Executive – SDCE has been providing content on the entire end-to-end global supply chain in every vertical for the last 10 years. Included in the publication are news stories, technical articles, best practices, round-ups, comments and more. Learn More →

Supply Chain Management Review – SCMR follows a similar model to Harvard Business Review and primarily publishes columns and features contributed by business school professors, supply chain management practitioners and industry analysts. SCMR is a fantastic comprehensive resource for news and information on supply chain management, transportation and warehousing. Learn More →

SupplyChainBrain – SCB provides a complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions and the latest innovations. Learn More →

Blogs (And Online-Only Publications)

Supply Chain 24/7 – Supply Chain 24/7 aggregates content from a number of leading publications (Modern Materials Handling, Logistics Management, etc.) and offers additional market analysis and trends from Peerless Research Group (PRG), as well as white papers and content from industry leaders and the top news stories from around the web. Learn More →

Supply Chain Digital – Supply Chain Digital’s ‘Procurement & Supply Chain Platform’ provides supply chain and logistics professionals the latest news, keynote interviews, articles and insights in supply chain and logistics. Learn how experts are navigating the ever-changing global supply chain.  Learn More →

Logistics Viewpoint – This blog features news and analysis from ARC Research Group supply chain analysts. Its mission is to provide logistics professionals with clear and concise analyses of logistics trends, technologies, and services. Learn More →

Supply Chain Matters – Bob Ferrari, the founder and executive editor of SCM provides independent, unbiased views, insights, and education into today’s burning topics surrounding the managing and deployment of global supply chains. Learn More →

Supply Chain Shaman – Lora Cecere, an enterpise strategist, blogs 1-3 times per week with a focus on gaining value from supply chain planning and utilizing enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence. In addition to her blog, Lora also contributes to Supply Chain Brain, CIO Magazine, and the CSCMP Quarterly. Learn More →

Smarter With Gartner – Gartner provides short-form articles on current supply chain issues. Perfect for busy executives, this blog incorporates relevant Gartner research with expert analyst views. Learn More →

Supply Chain Movement  – Although primarily a digital magazine, SCM provides a European perspective into global supply chain issues. Learn More →

Weekly and Daily Newsletters

Supply Chain 24/7 Newsletter– SC 24/7 delivers transportation, warehouse/distribution center, supply chain, and technology news delivered direct to your in-box and offers new technologies and techniques for improving supply chain operations.  Subscribe→

Supply Chain Dive – Choose from three different newsletters: Daily Dive, Operations Weekly or Procurement Weekly. The three newsletters offer varying topics from logistics, freight, operations, technology & integration, DC/warehouse management and more. Learn More and Subscribe→

Wall Street Journal Logistics Report – The Logistics Report from Wall Street Journal offers up-to-the minute news, analysis, interviews and explanatory journalism on logistics, supply-chain management, e-commerce and more. Subscribe→

This Week in Logistics – Provided by Logistics Management, this newsletter is delivered to your inbox weekly and gives you a summary of the latest in logistics, transportation and regulatory and breaking news stories. Subscribe→

Daily Sourcing – The Sourcing Journal helps readers stay informed on the top issues facing the entire supply chain via in-depth features, industry analysis and insight from industry leaders. Although Sourcing Journal is a paid subscription, their “Daily Sourcing” newsletter is free. Subscribe→

WERC Weekly – WERC is the only professional organization focused on logistics management and its role in the supply chain. Their weekly newsletter aggregates news stories from across the web with a specific focus on topics related to warehousing and distribution. Subscribe→

Inbound Logistics Dialog – Inbound Logistics’ Dialog is a monthly e-mail newsletter providing readers instant access to recent articles, news, and resources that they have published. Subscribe→

Warehouse and DC News Roundup – Lucas System provides a summary of the top 4-5 warehousing and distribution stories of the month, covering everything from labor trends and expansion news, to technology and innovation. In addition to news stories, the newsletter provides warehouse and DC best practices, events and customer stories. Learn More and Subscribe→


Inbound Logistics Podcast– Published bi-weekly, The Inbound Logistics Podcast provides the most relevant and topical information from the third-party logistics and supply chain management world as presented by the most influential thought leaders in the industry. Listen Now →

Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights– Lora Cecere delivers independent, actionable and objective advice for supply chain leaders by discussing the latest insights on trends, tech and necessary metrics for supply chain executives. Listen Now →

Talking Logistics– Host and founder, Adrian Gonzalez interviews thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry about emerging trends, technologies, and services. Listen Now →

The MHI Cast– MHI sits down with a variety of the industry’s best minds to uncover supply chain stories. They explore real world case studies and get unique perspectives on unique trends and emerging technologies from every corner of the material handling, logistics and supply chain space. Listen Now →

Supply Chain Now– SCN spotlights the people, technologies, best practices and critical issues by bringing experts, leaders, and practitioners together to share perspective and insight on end-to-end Supply Chain Management. Listen Now →

SupplyChainBrain Podcast– Bob Bowman sits down to have in-depth conversations with industry practitioners, academics, consultants and other experts on every aspect of supply-chain management and international trade. Listen Now →

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics– This podcast picks the brains of thought leaders in the industry to share their expertise with listeners. The Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics podcasts helps you learn more about supply chain and logistics leading-edge technologies, leadership stories, and personal success habits. Listen Now →

Video Channels

Supply Chain Secrets – Rob O’Byrne provides an educational channel that helps those working in Supply Chain and Logistics boost their knowledge and be better at their jobs. From warehouse tips, sales and operations, inventory management, procurement, freight & transport and management tips & tricks, Supply Chain Secrets offers a one-stop-shop for those looking to improve their supply chain knowledge. Watch Now →

MIT Center For Transportation and Logistics – The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics is a world leader in supply chain management education and research. Their YouTube channel offers thought leadership, in-depth research summaries, plenty of master’s program presentations, and news stories to keep you updated. Watch Now →

Supply Chain Academy – Although, not very in-depth, the Supply Chain Academy offers plenty of short animations in supply chain management, warehouse operations, inventory, analytics, technology, master scheduling, capacity planning and more. They also include links on their videos for full courses to go more in depth in there topics. Watch Now →

Perfect Order Videos – Lucas Perfect Order Videos provide insights into the latest strategies and technologies for improving warehouse management and operations. Learn more about warehouse analytics, picking strategies, mobile technologies, robotics, machine learning and more. Watch Now →

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