The averageReduce warehouse employee training warehouse spends 6-8 weeks getting new employees trained and up to standard, representing thousands of dollars in training costs per new hire. Luckily, there are ways to reduce warehouse employee training significantly.

Hundreds of DCs have achieved a 75% reduction in training time by giving workers more user-friendly and intuitive voice-directed mobile applications.

Train Warehouse Employees in Less Than a Day

In most cases, associates can be trained and begin going solo with Lucas mobile applications in less than a day, and many hit standard productivity rates within one to two weeks.

There are two main components of Lucas mobile applications that contribute to drastically increasing the onboarding speed of new and temporary labor, translating to cost savings of several thousand dollars for each new associate hired. This represents a windfall for any DC that relies on temporary labor, or that is consistently hiring and onboarding new workers.

1) User-Friendly, Powerful Technology

Today, thousands of warehouse associates are using mobile applications on next-generation Android smartphones and mobile devices. In a world where there are more smart devices than people, it is safe to say that your workforce is familiar with handling a smartphone.

Few people today need instructions on how to turn on or log onto an application on a smartphone, and the device display (which is typically better and bigger than that on traditional RF terminals) can be used to give the user additional information that helps them get up to speed faster.

Users can read their latest voice instructions or scroll back in the dialogue for a better understanding of how the system works.

2) A Friendly and Intelligent Voice Agent – Jennifer™

Imagine having a supervisor follow each associate around the warehouse, right there for assistance and answering any questions. Helpful? Yes. Realistic? Oh no. But Jennifer, is like having a coach on your shoulder at all times.

What should users do when a product is in the wrong location or is damaged? What about if the pick location is empty? With Lucas, users don’t need a supervisor, they can ask Jennifer for help at any time.

Lucas mobile applications also offer users two modes, standard and expert, and adaptive user dialogues that help employees work more efficiently as they become more adept at the process.

Learning to pick or move products in a DC using voice and smartphones is almost as easy as learning to find a nearby restaurant using Siri on your iPhone. DCs will always have to provide general orientation and safety training, but the right tools make task-specific training a breeze.

Not only can this save thousands of dollars per new employee, but it also makes work easier, better and more productive for those new hires.

Implement Easy-to-Use Voice Applications Today

Since 1998, we’ve helped over 500 warehouses and DCs dramatically decrease worker training with our intelligent voice applications, featuring Jennifer™.

We’d love to do the same for you and get you started, you can schedule a call with one of our voice experts here.

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