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Lucas helps companies transform DC operations and continuously adapt to changing markets and customer demands. Our warehouse optimization solutions and pioneering voice technologies improve throughput, productivity and service by orchestrating and optimizing DC resources (people, robots, inventory) across IT and automation systems.

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AI-Based Optimization

Lucas uses advanced mathematical models and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce travel 30-70%.


Intelligent Batching With Lucas

When a user requests work in a picking area, Lucas applies multiple algorithms to all available orders in the system to create optimized batches. The tool considers shipping time, proximity, and other variables.


Predictive Analytics With Machine Learning

In order to become proactive instead of reactive we need predictive and prescriptive analytics, through machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.


Lucas Insight

Lucas Insight is a data reporting and analytics tool that combines current operational data with historical data to improve analysis, planning, and decision-making across a network of DCs.


Optimize In-Store Picking

Stores will need to employ the same process and operations best practices that have been used for years in DCs. Those best practices can help retailers improve margins and profits on local fulfillment of ecommerce orders.


A New Era Of Fulfillment

The current ecommerce surge is accelerating the evolution of last mile fulfillment and modular micro-fulfillment technology will co-exist with AI-optimized manual processes in stores, DCs, and local fulfillment centers to help get orders out the door faster and with more accuracy.


Getting The Most Out Of Robots In Your DC

Using AMRs as take-away or transport systems will eliminate some worker travel, but warehouses will still need to optimize pick rates and minimize worker travel within picking areas.


Next Generation Analytics For Warehouse Operations

These tools use a variety of web and cloud-based reporting and artificial intelligence tools to give executives and front-line managers data-driven insights they need to plan and manage all facets of operations, from inventory and workforce planning to predictive slotting and beyond.


In-Store Fulfillment

Optimization software fills major gaps in current in-store fulfillment systems and processes by automating manual processes with easy-to-use employee technology and inventory tracking on the back end.


Follow The Leader Staging

For warehouses picking smaller orders into totes or cartons, the order totes can be passed from zone to zone to complete picking (pick and pass). But for DCs picking larger orders by zone, it is typically more efficient to consolidate the items for the order after picking across all zones (pick and merge).


Order Picking Bucket Brigades

Order picking bucket brigades are a way of organizing workers and orchestrating work in a warehouse pick module. The bucket brigade process balances workflow and distributes work evenly amongst the pickers, maximizing productivity and throughput. Top-performing bucket brigades typically use voice picking technology.


Two Stage Picking

Two stage picking is a popular strategy for improving the picking efficiency for slow-moving items in a warehouse or distribution center. This short animation illustrates a simplified two-stage picking process in a DC using Lucas Move applications featuring Jennifer Voice.


Direct Relief and Lucas

Direct Relief partnered with Lucas to optimize their distribution processes with voice-directed applications on ruggedized Android smartphones. The results speak for themselves: improved efficiency, 100% accuracy and real-time traceability.


Lucas at Modex

Lucas helps companies transform DC operations and continuously adapt to changing markets and customer demands.

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