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Voice picking is a proven process for increasing efficiency and accuracy of pickers in warehouses or distribution centers. Pickers wear headsets with an industrial microphone that connects to a mobile device running the voice application. Voice picking for warehouses or DCs is a great way to boost productivity in your warehouse. Our video library will show you live action of workers using Jennifer voice to direct them through all warehouse process.

The voice of the application tells the picker where to go and what to do, such as the warehouse pick location to go to and the quantity of the item to pick. The picker speaks into the microphone to confirm their work. The voice picking application includes speech recognition software that recognizes and interprets the order picker’s spoken responses.

Pickers confirm they are picking the correct item by speaking a checkstring to validate the picking location. Or, in some applications, they may speak several digits of a product code or other ID printed on the product. Pickers also confirm the quantity being picked. The voice application will correct the picker if they enter incorrect information.

As the phrase “voice picking” suggests, organizations initially used these solutions to improve picking operations with voice-only technology. However, today’s voice-directed applications often incorporate complementary technologies like barcode scanning or RFID. Furthermore, they now help automate any manual, hands-on process in the warehouse. For example, receiving, put away, replenishment, cycle count, sortation, packing, cross-dock, loading, etc.

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