Demand And Salaries For Logistics Professionals Are Rising

A recent survey by Logistics Management found that salaries for logistics professionals “increased precipitously” over 2019 levels, even as career satisfaction has declined. The researchers speculate that morale among logistics managers may be taking a hit as they are being tasked with new and expanded responsibilities. But companies are more than willing to pay for professionals with education, experience and a creative mindset that can craft together solutions in a rapidly changing industry.

The survey also notes that career advancement is less about post grad degrees and more about networking. Recent challenges such as omni-channel fulfillment may not have been discussed at all in classrooms five years ago, but today this is a very important part of retail and even B2B processes. Likewise, higher-level jobs require people with knowledge in a range of advanced technologies, including AI, machine learning, and robotics. Read the full article to see the average and median salaries for a range of logistics roles.

Best Practices For DCs During COVID-19

Despite social distancing and stay-at-home orders, many DC workers have been coming to work every day to make sure hospitals, grocery stores and households can get the necessities they need. As we near a turning point and businesses begin to reopen, Lucas has collected some examples of what our customers are doing to keep workers safe in their DCs. Among the tips: subdivide picking zones to separate workers; stagger break schedules; avoid contact at the start and end of shifts. Read all the tips here.

In addition to those tips, we also recently recorded a video with a safety and infection prevention specialist at a major Pittsburgh-based healthcare provider. The 15-minute video outlines how warehouses and distribution centers can prevent the spread of coronavirus, including the latest information for cleaning and disinfecting scanners, mobile computers, and so-called high touch surfaces in DCs. Access the video below and visit our cleaning tips page for other resources.


Which Retailers Are Adding Stores And Building DCs?

While many brick and mortar retailers are waiting to reopen their existing stores, a few companies are continuing their expansion plans. Lidl, a German discount grocer that has steadily grown its store footprint in the eastern US recently opened it’s newest distribution center in Perryville, MD at an estimated cost of $100 million.

Lidl now has an estimated 100 US stores, but the company has been building out their supply chain infrastructure to support a much broader expansion. The 705,000 square foot distribution center in Maryland is the smallest of their three DCs, and the company has announced plans to open a 925,000 square foot DC southeast of Atlanta. It is estimated that the four facilities could support as many as 1,500 stores.

Lidl is not the only company moving forward with expansion plans. Dollar General just entered the state of Washington as it continues in its Northwest expansion. The company plans to open 1,000 new stores in 2020 as well as remodel some of their old ones. The retailer has also announced plans to bring on 50,000 new employees across their supply chain.

Planning For A Smarter DC

Lots of people we’ve spoken to since MODEX are adjusting their operations to meet rising on-line orders or evaluating their warehouse processes to prepare for when business returns to normal. To help, we’ve put together a collection of short videos that offer ideas and best practices for improving DC operations today and for the future. The Lucas Perfect Order Videos provide insight and strategies to alternative picking strategies, and the latest trends in mobile technology, robotics, and data analytics.

Share these videos with your colleagues and reach out if you’d like to schedule a one-to-one discussion or demo.

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