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Breathe New Life Into Your Old WMS

25 May 2017 | 14:00 GMT

Contrary to popular belief, updating or replacing your warehouse management system is not always the best method to improve DC operations.  An increasingly popular, lower-risk alternative is to implement a Mobile Work Execution solution that can complement existing legacy WMS packages or homegrown systems. The solutions allow DCs to dramatically improve picking and other hands-on tasks while also giving managers real-time visibility and control over operations.

Fill out the brief form below to learn how other DCs have achieved improved efficiency and accuracy without the excessive risk, cost and time that go into a WMS update or replacement.

What You Will Learn

  • How mobile work execution solutions work alongside your WMS to reengineer processes, enhance management visibility and optimise hands-on work
  • Different approaches for integrating new mobile applications with legacy WMS systems
  • Customer examples of DCs extending the life of their legacy WMS


    • Andrew Southgate, Lucas Europe General Manager
    • Dave Cole, Lucas Principal Application Consultant




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