This guide dives into determining whether voice is right for your warehouse, key benefits and features, hardware options, WMS and ERP integrations and system pricing & implementation costs.

Table of Contents

  1. Voice Picking 101: What is Voice Picking
    1. Beyond Voice and Beyond Picking
  2. Benefits of Voice
  3. What Industries Use Voice
  4. How to Decide if Voice is Right for You
  5. Software Systems Related to Voice Picking
  6. Basic Voice Features
    1. Human v. Synthesized Voice Direction
    2. Speech Recognition Techno
    3. logy
    4. Multimodal Support
    5. Voice Hardware
  7. Key Voice Software Features
    1. Workflows/Processes
    2. Multi-Level User Modes
    3. Verification Methods
    4. Exceptions
    5. User Navigation and Help
    6. Management and Visibility Tools
    7. Deployment Options
  8. Pricing and Associated Costs
    1. Traditional Software Licensing
    2. SaaS-based Pricing
    3. Transaction-based Pricing
    4. Other Associated Costs
  9. More Information and Resources

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