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Firefly AI generated image of warehouse security

A cybersecurity planning framework – The NIST for your distribution operations

Categories: AI and Machine Learning| Warehouse Management System

It is important to have a robust incident response plan in place for your distribution operation in the event of a cybersecurity breach. This plan should outline specific steps to be taken in the event of a breach.

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concept image of cyber protection at a warehouse

Fortifying warehouse and distribution centers against cyberattacks

Categories: AI and Machine Learning| Analytics| Warehouse Management System

The warehousing and distribution industry is highly reliant on technology for its operations. As such, it is vulnerable to devastating cyberattacks.

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Which Mobile Applications Are Right for Your Warehouse Operations?

Categories: In Warehouse Travel Optimization| Order Picking| Voice Technology

We review some best-fit scenarios that can help you determine what combination of mobile solutions are right for your warehouse and DC operations.

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Healthcare warehouse worker picking with voice

3 Benefits of Warehouse Execution Systems for Healthcare Providers

Categories: Warehouse Management System

Regarding warehouse execution and management systems, operators usually focus on the benefits. The top priorities are enhanced productivity, decreased worker on-floor travel, and reduced labor hours. But with those improvements inside the warehouse, your system must also provide the tools to improve efficiency downstream.

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holding a tablet with AI technology

Are You Up On Warehouse Picking Technology?

Categories: Labor Management| Robotics| Voice Technology

The optimization of warehouse fulfillment and shipping is challenging. Difficulties include workforce training, language barriers, accuracy, and speed. Warehouse picking technology can overcome these challenges, reducing downtime, improving efficiency, and raising profit margins.

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Warehouse Distribution Errors and How to Fix Them – Part 2

Categories: Analytics

In this 2nd installment we’ll review the challenges brought on by mislabeling, human error and the real costs of order picking inaccuracy.

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Warehouse Distribution Errors and How to Fix Them

Categories: Voice Technology

I had 3 recent online buying experiences that highlight different ways inaccuracies could occur in the warehouse. In each case, I was sure what had caused the mistake. And I had some specific thoughts on how they could fix the problem.

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3 Surefire Ways to Dramatically Reduce In-warehouse travel: Part 2-Intelligent batch picking

Categories: In Warehouse Travel Optimization

we’ll explore intelligent batch picking and look into some examples of how companies utilized these insights to drive transformative change.

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3 Surefire Ways to Dramatically Reduce In-warehouse travel: Part 1-Prioritize the path and optimize picks

Categories: In Warehouse Travel Optimization

DCs today are filling more orders for less than case quantities, with fewer line items per order, and with shorter shipping timelines. And this is increasing already incredibly strained labor requirements.

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5 Ways Empathy Can Help to Attract and Retain Warehouse Workers Part 2

Categories: Labor Management

What extent can you individualize the processes, workflows, and systems that take place within a facility, in line with different levels of expertise and talents of the various workers, as opposed to just standardizing everything, which would seem like the easiest way to go?

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5 Ways Empathy Can Help to Attract and Retain Warehouse Workers

Categories: Labor Management

Can a busy, productivity-obsessed warehouse find room for empathy? The stereotype of modern-day distribution centers is one of a massive facility with workers being driven at a relentless pace, subjected to second-by-second monitoring of their every move.

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The Story of Rudolph – The Original Supply Chain Disruption

Categories: Ecommerce| Warehouse Management System

If you are like me, one of the biggest joys of the holiday season is being able to catch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer when it makes its annual appearance on our TV screens. The story of perseverance, acceptance and eventual triumph is one that resonates with audiences of all ages.

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