Leave your old voice system behind for greater gains

Why did a $12B wholesale grocer switch to Lucas voice from Vocollect (Honeywell Voice)? Because Lucas gives them optimization performance gains our competitors can’t. 

grocery worker wearing Jennifer headset with voice picking

How best pallet matching for grocery DCs can reduce travel 20-30%

Lucas offers a unique voice and optimization solution, powered by Jennifer, the voice and brains of the system.  See what you are missing by staying with Vocollect:

  • Flexible, cost-effective hardware and UI experiences – Lucas’s intelligent mobile applications seamlessly integrate AI and a large selection of Android hardware choices featuring a wide variety of multi-modal input and output technologies, including certified scanning, voice, and touchscreens, to deliver an enhanced user experience.

  • Intelligent pallet matching – Jennifer™ uses order, inventory, and location information from the WMS and other systems and applies AI-based algorithms to create optimized assignments.

  • Path optimization – Jennifer™ path optimization algorithms use a virtual map of a facility to compute an ideal travel path that does not follow a strict location sequence.

  • Dynamic slotting – Lucas Dynamic Slotting uses AI and a real time “always on” approach to eliminate the traditional time-consuming engineering, manual complex modeling, and high cost required to do warehouse re-slotting. Lucas makes slotting smart, simple, and dynamic.

  • Management console – Supervisors have full control of the operations with customizable dashboards, charts, real-time operational data and feedback mechanisms.

Grocery case study

warehouse worker wearing voice headset picking grocery boxes

A large U.S. food wholesaler was recently faced with a difficult and expensive decision on continuing with Vocollect, their legacy warehouse voice-picking solution. Learn more.

Proven solutions with some of the biggest distributors in the grocery industry:

supermercado econo logo
  • 75-80% productivity increase compared to RF picking
  • Doubled productivity in dry grocery
  • 33% productivity increase for case picking
  • 46% reduction in shortages
  • 40% productivity increase for each picking
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  • 8% productivity gain
  • 18% travel time reduction
  • Saving $1M/month

“It’s the best decision I ever made and the best product I ever brought in. This thing paid for itself in less than a year.”

Chris Timmons, Executive VP of Operations, Eby-Brown

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