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Industry Leaders Work With Lucas

Lucas Work Execution Software solutions are used in hundreds of distribution centers worldwide. Whether you are a Fortune 50 manufacturer, an online retailer, or a single-site distributor, our goal is to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations and justify your trust in us. Read on to hear how a few of our customers are using Lucas solutions in their DCs. Use their experience as a guide to what we can do for your DC.

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Customer Success
Food Service Distributor

Ace Endico

“As a byproduct of our productivity gains with Lucas we have been able to increase our shipping volumes with the same number of workers. In addition, we have dramatically reduced re-ships due to picking errors, which saves us time and money, while improving customer satisfaction.”

Apex Tool Group

“The big change is that the Lucas system drives user behavior and activities, and the simplicity and consistency of the process across all areas makes it better for associates. In general, simpler processes are the ones people can follow the best.”

“You rarely implement a new system and have users tell you ‘It’s made my life so much easier.‘ Making the process better for associates makes them more productive. And that’s better for the business.”


Baptist Health South Florida

“What it used to take 12-14 people to pick in one shift, we can now do with 8-10 people. The previous average picking rate in the LUM area was 50-56 lines per hour (LPH). Today it is 100-110. That is a 100% improvement, and in bulk picking, the number is about 20 percent.”

“If anyone is looking to keep their current system of record for inventory, the Lucas solutions lets you do that. We got 70% of what we wanted in a new WMS with Lucas, but at 1/8 of the cost.”

Retail and eFulfillment

The Container Store

“Distribution Center employees preferred Jennifer’s human voice, the easy, five minute voice training process, and the rich voice-enabled help functions. We also liked the ability to tailor what the user hears, not just for ease of use and efficiency, but also to keep things fun and interesting. Since installing the Lucas solution in September we’ve seen steady increases in picking productivity, in addition to a sharp reduction in training time for new employees.”

Convenience Distribution

Eby Brown

“The Lucas system has delivered better-than-expected gains in picking productivity and accuracy, but the back story at Eby-Brown is how it made our transition to SAP WM invisible to workers on the warehouse floor … equally important, the Lucas system gives us additional flexiblity to optimize picking assignments outside of the WMS. This has recently allowed us to increase our shipping volumes without making any additional capital investments in our DCs.”

“Far and away, it’s the best decision I ever made and the best product I ever brought in. This thing paid for itself in less than a year.”

Industrial Supply

HD Supply

After an initial pilot implementation at their Seattle DC, HD Supply installed the SAP and Lucas systems at eight additional DCs in the first year, and has since rolled out to a total of 40 sites with more than 500 users.
Non-Food Grocery Distributor

Imperial Distributors

“Our productivity and accuracy gains exceeded our goals, and the people at Lucas justified our trust in them in the first place.” 

Learn how Imperial modernized their DC operations without upgrading their legacy warehouse management system.

Industrial/B2B Distribution

Marcone Supply

“Lucas integrated seamlessly with our WMS, practically eliminated downtime in receiving, and increased our shipping capacity by 50%. It’s totally revolutionized our warehouse operations.”

Owens & Minor

“After we rolled out the plan and implemented it, we were extremely suprised in how easy it was to implement. We were very happy with how easy it was to train people on the system and how easy it was to use.”

Pet Supermarket

“Any time our picking volume exceeded about 45,000 pieces per day we would have overtime, and new store openings added to the overtime. With Lucas we can do more than 60,000 pieces without overtime.”

“In less than two weeks we had the whole warehouse up and running. This was the smoothest implementation of any technology I have been involved with in my 28 years.”

Convenience Distribution

Resnick Distributors

“The Lucas solution has had a profound effect on our business, both from the perspective of front line managers as well as our hourly workers.”
Parts Distribution

Rotary Corporation

Lucas Work Execution Software Solutions helped Rotary achieve new daily and monthly shipping records while improving accuracy and achieving 99.9% same-day shipping rates on all orders received by 4 PM.
Health and Beauty/B2B Distribution


“Some of our workers are picking twice as fast as they were with RF. And they prefer having a conversation with Jennifer. She helps them do their jobs better, and work is more fun and less monotonous. Initial training and start up was also faster than anything I have ever seen.”

About Lucas

We help DCs reduce labor costs, improve hands-on tasks and streamline operations from receiving to shipping and returns. Best of all, you can keep your WMS as-is – we fill the gaps rather than replacing what you already have.
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Experience how Conair’s Glendale, AZ state-of-the-art automated distribution center has optimized store replenishment and direct-to-consumer fulfillment services under one roof.

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