Baptist Health Improves Warehouse Operations Without A New WMS​ ​

Baptist Health South Florida is an internationally recognized healthcare network with 10 hospitals, more than 100 physician practices, and outpatient facilities spanning four counties from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.

Like other U. S. integrated delivery networks (IDNs), Baptist Health adopted a self-distribution strategy with a central Distribution Center serving its facilities. Shortly after starting up a new 157,000 square foot DC in 2014, operations and IT teams at Baptist implemented Lucas to improve manual material handling processes, but not replace PeopleSoft as their system of record.

Baptist Health South Florida
"If anyone is looking to keep their current system of record for inventory, the Lucas solutions lets you do that. We got 70% of what we wanted in a new WMS with Lucas, but at 1/8 of the cost."
Baptist Health South Florida
Dale Adamson​, AVP of Logistics and Distribution​

Productivity, Inventory Accuracy, and Predictability for Customers

Picking Accuracy Has Increased to 99.99%

20-30% Improvement in Inventory Accuracy by Location

Hospital Deliveries Arrive 1-2 Hours Earlier

100% Increase in Picking Productivity

Manual Processes Prior to Lucas

Prior to Lucas, supervisors would sort and group printed orders by hospital, supply station, clinic or other shipping destination. Pickers would then choose their “favorite” hospital or route to pick, and the execution of the picks was left to the discretion of the pickers.

Picking errors were often untraceable since pickers didn’t always write their initials on the pick lists. There were many situations where paperwork disappeared.

The replenishment process was highly manual. Stock-outs were written on a board after getting the pick lists. Any discrepancies would be manually entered in PeopleSoft. Because of this manual process, hospitals would often receive shorted items 2 days later than expected.

Lastly, productivity reporting was based on manual input in PeopleSoft, using handwritten notes on the pick sheets. Sheets that didn’t have initials were attributed to a “ghost picker” who often accounted for a disproportion of total lines picked for a day.

Paper Management

Supervisors spent the majority of their time managing paper and auditing to find out-of-stocks.

Manual Processes

Picking, replenishment and reporting were all unoptimized manual processes that caused errors.

Late Shipments

Hospitals would receive deliveries later than expected.

Inefficient Picking

Pickers would pick orders the way they wanted to, not in any standard order.

Improving Warehouse Operations Without Changing Inventory Systems

Waveless Order Release

Intelligent Work Orchestration →

Lucas uses order, inventory and task information from PeopleSoft, and Jennifer™ prioritizes the orders and organizes work assignments based on rules configured for Baptist's needs.

Travel Optimization

Process Optimizations →

Lucas solution engineers also conducted an engineering and design study which identified changes to warehouse layout and processes to increase productivity.

Mobile Applications

Easy-to-Use Mobile Applications →

Workers were equipped with multi-modal mobile applications on android devices to maximize efficiency with voice, scanning and visual prompts.


Voice-Directed Processes →

Workers use voice-directed applications, featuring Jennifer™, for hands-free putaway, replenishment, cross docking, cycle counting and picking.

Batch Optimization

Intelligent Order Batching

Jennifer uses location, priority and other relevant factors to calculate which orders should be grouped together to maximize pick density and minimize travel.

Management Console

Management Dashboards

The Lucas solution also included a management console that gives supervisors real-time insight on productivity, workflow, exceptions, and other operational data.

"What it used to take 12-14 people to pick in one shift, we can now do with 8-10 people. The previous average picking rate in the LUM area was 50-56 lines per hour (LPH). Today it is 100-110. That is a 100% improvement, and in bulk picking, the number is about 20 percent."
Baptist Health South Florida
Dale Adamson​, AVP of Logistics and Distribution​

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