How does our warehouse distribution software help you transform?

Long before Siri and Alexa, our innovative software, Jennifer™ transformed warehousing and distribution with advanced AI and voice technologies. Today, Jennifer™ gives your distribution operation a competitive advantage, while making work easier and better for frontline workers and managers.

  • Increase productivity and throughput
  • Improve accuracy and customer service

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Grow your business

Jennifer live picking tracker

Picks this hour: 18,088

Total picks with Jennifer: 94.34 Billion

End-to-end Warehouse Optimization

Our customizable warehouse optimization solutions can be incorporated throughout your distribution center, maximizing your team’s work execution every step of the way. Lucas warehouse optimization tools are configured to accommodate each DC’s unique operating environment. The Lucas management console gives managers real-time visibility and the control they need to run operations with precision.

Optimization solutions include:

+The easy-to-use Lucas mobile application runs on the mobile device of your choice. The user interface combines voice direction (Jennifer™ voice), speech recognition, scanning, display and RFID to help automate any manual, hands-on process in the warehouse. +Jennifer™ utilizes AI and advanced algorithms to enable managers to make efficient slotting moves in advance of changing conditions. +Reduce training and onboarding with easy to use voice-directed mobile applications incorporating industry leading dual recognition speech technology. +The Lucas management console provides managers real-time visibility and control of operations to help increase throughput and manage peaks. Beyond monitoring operations, managers can manage workers and work in process, and update rules, settings and configurations. +The Lucas system leverages rich and granular data and Jennifer™ applies advanced machine learning algorithms to provide managers with advanced workforce planning and performance management capabilities. +Jennifer™ provides AI-based intelligent batching and pick path optimization that reduces travel, increases pick density, and dramatically increases productivity. In addition, Jennifer™ enables advanced task interleaving and continuous order streaming. +Deliver the right products to your customers with efficient pick and put validations, optimized QC/audit criteria and Jennifer’s on demand assistance. +Lucas enables you to seamlessly integrate next-generation technology with enterprise software, robotics and warehouse automation, reducing the costs and risks of change. +Voice-directed applications allow operators to be eyes and hands free, making them more aware of surroundings. Operations that add voice solutions often see a decrease in accidents. +While Jennifer™ orchestrates and optimizes within picking zones, a DC can add robots for conveyance between pick zones or other staging locations. This can further reduce worker travel to and from fixed drop off or induction points. Likewise, Jennifer™ can be used to optimize the travel of robots for full pallet moves, both in inbound and outbound operations.

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Lucas can develop a customized warehouse optimization solution for you. Before we undertake any project, we take the time to understand your operations, technical requirements, and business needs, and we work with you to identify process improvement possibilities in your facility.

Our AI-based Software, Jennifer™, in Action

We’ve delivered innovative warehouse optimization and voice solutions for hundreds of distribution centers in various industries. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

Baptist Health

Increase in Productivity

Ace Endico

Reduction in new user training

Apex Tool Group

Reduction in picking errors

Trusted by Industry Leaders

What Makes Lucas Different?

Since 1998, hundreds of warehouses worldwide have been transformed using Lucas warehouse optimization solutions. Lucas makes the extra effort to find hidden improvement opportunities other providers might miss. Every solution incorporates smart software, flexible technologies, and a consultative implementation approach led by warehouse optimization experts.

Leveraging Jennifer™, AI-based warehouse optimization, and adaptive voice-directed workflows, we help you deliver the distribution center performance that gives your business a competitive edge. We take special pride in delivering the best solution for your business, tailored to the realities of your workforce and facility. Our warehouse execution software evolves as your products, customers, and business change.

Build a more productive and engaged workforce with our warehouse and distribution optimization software.