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A recent market study commissioned by Lucas revealed that US and UK companies are quite bullish on the potential for artificial intelligence in their warehouses and distribution centers. The study revealed their priorities for using AI, expected returns, and perceived obstacles to further AI adoption. Here are some of the key findings.

Warehouse Optimization

AI Offers Massive Potential Performance Gains

The distribution center is a target rich environment to use AI to optimize performance. Respondents see a big potential to drive significant operational and customer experience gains.


Expected increase in


Expected increase in


Expected increase in responsiveness

Hot spots for current and planned AI usage in the DC

Owens and Minor

AI Can Address Challenges in Every Industry

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Products
  • Food, Beverage and CPG
  • Retail


Manufacturers named Distribution Space Utilization as the top challenge AI would address.

Order Fulfillment Accuracy and Health and Safety Risks were ranked second and third.


Case Picking

Medical and healthcare products companies named Minimizing DC Travel as the top challenge AI would address.

Health and Safety Risks and Labor Staffing Management and Planning were ranked second and third.

Eby Brown

Food, beverage and CPG companies named Transportation Planning and Routing as the top challenge AI would address.

Distribution Space Utilization and Minimizing DC Travel were ranked second and third.

The Container Store

Retailers named Labor Staffing Management and Planning as the top challenge AI would address.

Transportation Planning and Routing and Distribution Space Utilization were ranked second and third.

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