Warehouse Execution Software

Make warehouse work faster and safer for your staff and frontline managers.

The Lucas Warehouse Optimization Suite fills the gap between your management system (WMS) and control software (WCS). We help you evolve and adapt to changing markets and customer demands with AI-based solutions, voice-directed mobile applications, and intelligent automation. Our innovative warehouse execution software lets you work smarter without replacing your current systems.

Warehouse execution software to evolve your business

Lucas AI technology, flexible workflows, and modular IT architecture adapt to each DC’s unique process and technology requirements. Our system can easily be scaled up as your products, customers, and business grow.

Optimize performance: Adaptive workflows and AI optimization help you maximize productivity and accuracy today while meeting your need for continuous improvement and optimization.

Make effective & efficient decisions quickly: Give managers real-time visibility and AI-assisted insights to manage labor, inventory, and other resources to optimal potential.

Add performance agility: Lucas software includes decades of process innovations that adapt to your DC.

Prepare the future of warehouse execution: Seamlessly integrate robots and other next-generation technology without replacing current systems—reducing the costs and risks associated with change.

Orchestrate and optimize your critical distribution center processes

Jennifer™, the brains and voice of the Lucas solution, orchestrates warehouse processes for people, robots, and machines. Lucas modules provide configurable workflows and reporting. Our standard interfaces communicate seamlessly with users, managers, and other systems.

End-to-end warehouse execution: Increase efficiency, throughput, and accuracy with workflows and mobile applications. This solution works for all major material handling processes, from receiving to picking and shipping, including audit, cycle count, and returns.

Real-time reporting and analytics: Give supervisors and managers up-to-the-minute information they need to allocate labor, manage work, and make better decisions.

Standards-based system interfaces: Lucas software is designed to integrate with virtually any on-premise, hosted, or cloud-based IT or automation system. This includes ERP, order management, and warehouse management packages such as SAP, Oracle, BlueYonder, Manhattan, Infor, and Microsoft. It can even integrate with custom-developed host systems, warehouse control systems, autonomous mobile robots, and other automation and IT systems used in distribution centers.

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Optimize critical warehouse execution & functionality for all processes

Jennifer is the brains and voice of the Lucas solution. She helps you leverage machine learning to make real-time decisions that reduce dwell times and support flow distribution. Lucas optimization modules provide configurable workflows and reporting, and our standard user- and system interfaces communicate seamlessly with users, managers, and other systems.

Imagine the benefits of increased efficiency and throughput for all major material handling processes. All processes can improve significantly, from receiving and picking to shipping, including audit, cycle count, and returns. The Lucas software solution natively integrates with various picking technologies to dramatically reduce errors and the need for intervention.

With the Lucas warehouse execution software, you can positively impact business performance in various sectors, including consumer goods, omnichannel, retail, and wholesale distribution.

What results can you expect with warehouse execution software from Lucas?

Work smarter with people-centered warehouse execution

Lucas has consistently innovated new approaches to optimizing warehouse operations, with a consistent focus on creating technology tools that are easy to use for hourly associates, front-line supervisors, and IT staffers.

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