Quick, flexible integration with robots, warehouse automation and IT systems

Warehouse labor management systems help you improve the return on your most valuable resource: your people. Lucas labor management tools help maximize productivity, and improve workforce planning —and narrow the gap between your top-performers and the rest of your team

Standard APIs make integration a snap

Reliable integration and communication between warehouse automation and execution systems is vital to smooth operations. Lucas makes integration easier with our flexible, standards-based system interfaces that reduces risk, cost and time.

Real-time, batch, or both – have it your way.

The Lucas EAI framework supports multiple methods for exchanging data between the Lucas Warehouse Optimization Suite and your automation and IT systems. Multiple communication protocols and methods can be used within the same operation:

  • WebServices (SOAP/XML) is typically used for transferring smaller quantities of time sensitive data to keep systems in synch.
  • Socket communications is typically used for transferring small quantities of time sensitive data, often in real-time.
  • File based data exchange is best for transferring larger batches of data between systems. FTP or SFTP can be used to transfer data files.
  • Direct data exchange is typically used for transferring large quantities of data, but can also be used for time sensitive data due to its reliability and speed.

Count On Our Integration Experience and Expertise

Over the past 20 years Lucas has developed a robust, flexible EAI framework based on real-world experience integrating our software with hundreds of different warehouse systems. Today, this technology framework also integrates with robots from Fetch robotics, allowing you to orchestrate and coordinate your human workers alongside robots.

In addition to robots, we integrate with ERP software from SAP, Oracle, Infor and Microsoft, WMS systems from Manhattan Associates, Blue Yonder and HighJump/Korber, and WCS software from Dematic, Fortna, DMW&H, and Intelligrated, among many many others.

Are you ready to optimize your DC?

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