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Our solutions are powered through unique warehouse AI that is embodied in Jennifer™, the brains, orchestration engine and voice of the solution. Jennifer is delivered using smart software that adapts to your unique requirements and integrates seamlessly with other warehouse automation and IT systems.

Jennifer live picking tracker

Picks this hour: 18,088

Total picks with Jennifer: 94.34 Billion

The Brain of Your Warehouse

Just as the brain stores information, controls muscle movements and assembles messages in a way that has meaning, Jennifer functions similarly in your warehouse.

Optimization Driven By Warehouse AI

Jennifer uses order, inventory and location data from other systems and applies real-time AI-based algorithms to optimize work assignments and tasks.

Jennifer provides AI-based intelligent batching and pick path optimization that reduces travel, increases pick density, and dramatically increases productivity. This same technology is used to optimize and orchestrate the movements of robots and people working side-by-side in a facility.
Jennifer incorporates machine learning-based predictive analytics to optimize inventory, labor, and other aspects of warehouse operations.
Jennifer provides on-demand work creation that supports waveless work release for continuous order streaming and advanced task interleaving.


Jennifer organizes and orchestrates resources – people, robots, inventory – across IT and automation systems.

Jennifer intelligently allocates and manages work based on available resources or constraints. As new resources are added or removed, Jennifer adjusts and reallocates.
Jennifer reuses and extends current systems rather than upgrading or replacing. Learn more →


Jennifer communicates with people, robots, automation and IT systems via standard users and system interfaces.

Jennifer communicates with workers through the Lucas mobile application running on the mobile device of your choice. The user interface combines voice direction (Jennifer voice), speech recognition, scanning, display and RFID. Learn more →
Jennifer voice-directed applications include industry-best speech recognition platform uses dual speech engines and deep neural network technology providing optimal performance across 30+ languages, user accents and challenging DC environments. Learn more →

The Lucas management console provides managers with real-time visibility and control of operations. Beyond monitoring operations, managers can manage workers and work in process, and update rules, settings and configurations. Learn more →

Jennifer communicates with robots, automation, WMS, TMS, and other systems via standard system interfaces that make integration fast and flexible. Learn more →
For order picking with robots, our warehouse AI optimizes and coordinates the activities of robots and human pickers. Jennifer interfaces with the robots and directs workers by voice. Similar to conventional voice picking systems, workers confirm their work using voice, scan, RFID, or robot mounted screens or lights. Learn more →

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AI-Based Travel Optimization

This 10 minute demo dives into the various components of our AI-based optimization tool – dynamic prioritization, path optimization and intelligent batching. Fill out the form and we will send you the demo.

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