Warehouse Robots

Optimizing Humans and Robots with Jennifer AI

As robots find their place in the DC, warehouse operators will face new challenges in coordinating and optimizing the work of humans and their robotic coworkers. Lucas warehouse optimization featuring Jennifer™ Intelligence simplifies warehouse management in this dynamic new world. Jennifer’s AI tools can plan, manage, and orchestrate the activities of the hybrid workforce. By simultaneously optimizing people and robots, Jennifer™ helps DCs hit their cost, quality and service targets with fewer robots and fewer labor hours.


Get the Most Out of Your Hybrid Workforce with Lucas and Fetch Robotics

Lucas can optimize and orchestrate the work of people and robots, reducing labor and making work safer, easier and better for your associates.

Jennifer™ intelligently orchestrates robots and humans in more dynamic processes

Next-generation DCs will combine robots with people in ways that are far more fluid and dynamic than traditional automated facilities. Jennifer™ helps manage these facilities with AI, smart software, and mobile technologies to maximize robot utilization and minimize labor.

How Jennifer™ Works With Robots

For order picking with AMRs, Jennifer™ AI optimizes and coordinates the activities of robots and human pickers. Jennifer™ interfaces with the robots and directs workers by voice. Similar to a conventional voice picking systems, workers confirm their work using voice, scan, RFID, or robot mounted screens or lights.

AMRs travel among workers in pick zones, stopping at pick locations where human pickers (directed by voice) pick and put items in the appropriate tote on the AMR. Multiple robots meet each worker, who can remain in a smaller pick area.

AMRs carry products in totes or stowed on moveable shelves to pick-stations where workers pick, scan and place items in totes for shipping.

AMRs function like powered, intelligent picking carts or pallet jacks. The AMRs can carry bigger batches of orders, improving pick density using Jennifer AI to create batches.

Conventional voice-directed pickers using push carts within picking aisles off-load completed totes or cartons at staging locations. Jennifer will notify an available robot to fetch and transport the tote to their next destination.

Robots can perform full-pallet put-away or replenishment moves, replacing people in one of the most travel-intensive activities in the DC. In this case, Jennifer may notify the robot that a let down is needed when a worker calls a slot empty using a voice-directed picking application.

Ready to get the most out of your robots and human workers?