Modular to Fit Operations Today and in the Future

The Lucas optimization modules include configurable workflows and reporting components for specific warehouse operations and management functions: picking, receiving, putaway, sortation, loading, audit, replenishment, cycle count, slotting, labor planning, etc. The modules are designed to accommodate each DCs unique business rules, workflows and other requirements.
Optimization Modules

Configurable Workflows



Increase productivity, throughput and accuracy in case, piece or pallet picking with voice-direction and AI-based process optimization.


Receiving & Returns

Improve receiving and returns processes by using voice, scanning and visual displays for receiving mixed or full pallets, verifying quantities, identifying damage, and sorting and staging items for put-away.



Use voice and scanning technologies in putaway processes for full pallets, mixed pallets (multiple SKUs putaway in separate storage locations), or using carts with mixed SKUs.


Sortation & Packing

Ease post-pick steps by using put walls (or other consolidation methods) to assemble multi-line orders that have been picked in multiple zones or batches.


Truck Loading & Shipping

Optimize loading pallets for route-stop delivery. In addition, include system- or user directed loading, and include safety and other inspection steps.


Reduce audit time with parameter-based auditing based on experience, order, products and customers.



Move full or mixed pallets from reserve or bulk storage to forward picking locations. In some instances, replenishment can be included in picking workflows or interleaved with other tasks.

Cycle Count

Maximize accuracy by incorporating cycle count in picking or other workflows. Lucas supports opportunistic cycle counts (directing a picker to count a location after they pick from it).


Dynamically optimize your inventory with current and forecasting data that enables managers to make efficient slotting adjustments in advance of changing conditions.


Labor Planning

Increase throughput and manage peaks with management dashboards that provide managers real-time visibility and control of operations.

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We helped Marcone Supply, a supplier of appliance parts and accessories, reduce time to perform receiving tasks by 50%.
“The Lucas software integrated seamlessly with our WMS, practically eliminated downtime in receiving, and increased our shipping capacity by 50%. It’s totally revolutionized our warehouse operations.”

-Jim Sheetz, CFO
We helped Apex Tool Group, a leading manufacturer of hand and power tools, operate with 10% fewer man hours.
“You rarely implement a new system and have users tell you ‘It’s made my life so much easier!’ Making the processes better for associates makes them more productive. And that’s better for the business.”

-Chris Rufa, Senior Director of Global Distribution

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