Modular to Fit Operations Today and in the Future

The Lucas optimization modules include configurable workflows and reporting components for specific warehouse operations and management functions: picking, receiving, putaway, sortation, loading, audit, replenishment, cycle count, slotting, labor planning, etc. The modules are designed to accommodate each DCs unique business rules, workflows and other requirements.

Optimization Modules

Configurable Workflows



Reduce travel with AI-based batch and path optimization while accelerating ecommerce fulfillment with waveless work release.



Improve accuracy and efficiency by confirming quantities and locations with voice direction, speech recognition and barcode scanning.



Boost productivity with AI-optimized travel paths from receiving area to storage location and monitor storage capacity and space availability. ​



Utilize put walls and other order consolidation technologies to streamline and improve post-pick steps.



Coordinate and track assets sent out on delivery truck as well as returned items.


Reduce audit time with parameter-based auditing based on experience, order, products and customers.



Prioritize, distribute and batch work assignments to avoid shorts and skips. And perform additional verification for 100% accuracy.

Cycle Count

Increase accuracy with a continuous inventory validation.



Optimize inventory with current and forecasting data.


Labor Planning

Minimize labor with predictive workforce planning.

Real world results

We helped Rotary, the worlds largest supplier of power equipment parts, achieve 99.99% same-day shipping.

“We began the journey with a detailed assessment and financial analysis of multiple alternatives. This ultimately resulted in a new and enhanced process flow for our shipping operations including warehouse inventory management, automated voice selection, advanced handling equipment and a redesigned conveyor system.”

-Ed Nelson, President and CEO

Marcone Supply

We helped Marcone Supply, a supplier of appliance parts and accessories, reduce time to perform receiving tasks by 50%.

“The Lucas software integrated seamlessly with our WMS, practically eliminated downtime in receiving, and increased our shipping capacity by 50%. It’s totally revolutionized our warehouse operations.”

-Jim Sheetz, CFO

Travel Optimization Demo

Watch this demo to see how distributors have more than doubled productivity

This 10 minute demo walks through how our AI-based travel optimization module reduces travel through intelligent batching and pick path optimization.

Explore the Warehouse Optimization Suite

The Warehouse Optimization Suite is based on thousands of person-years of operations experience in hundreds of DCs. The suite features Jennifer™, the brain, voice, and orchestration engine that drives performance improvement gains. Jennifer™ incorporates a variety of AI, machine learning and other decision making technologies that are used to optimize and orchestrate DC operations.

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Watch this short demo to see how distributors have cut labor hours in half with artificial intelligence