Southwire Optimizes Ecom and B2B Distribution Using Lucas AI and Voice

There’s a good chance your home or business relies on products from Southwire to keep the lights on. As one of the leading manufacturers of wire and cable used in the transmission and distribution of electricity, Southwire delivers power to millions of people around the world. It is also a major supplier of electrical products, components and tools used by contractors and consumers and sold through hardware retailers.

Southwire Case Study

Southwire fulfills retail and direct-to-consumer orders (DTC) for extension cords and other consumer products from the same facilities that distribute reels of wire and cable weighing thousands of pounds. To optimize DC operations across this broad range of products and customers, Southwire turned to Lucas Systems for a voice-directed warehouse optimization solution to supplement their SAP WMS. In addition to voice-directed picking, Southwire is using Lucas AI-based travel optimization to reduce fulfillment costs for ecommerce orders.

“We’ve had less than .001% errors on orders shipped last month”
Chuck Jones, Director of Distribution Modernization

Accuracy and Efficiency Gains for Workers, Supervisors, and Delivery Drivers

Creating an Intelligent Picking, Loading and Delivery
Process With Jennifer™ Voice