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Voice Technology

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Overall Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions for Your DC Operations

Categories: Voice Technology| Warehouse Management System

With its ability to provide real-time access, scalability and reduced costs, cloud computing, no matter the platform, can offer a…

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Which Mobile Applications Are Right for Your Warehouse Operations?

Categories: In Warehouse Travel Optimization| Order Picking| Voice Technology

We review some best-fit scenarios that can help you determine what combination of mobile solutions are right for your warehouse…

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holding a tablet with AI technology

Are You Up On Warehouse Picking Technology?

Categories: Labor Management| Robotics| Voice Technology

The optimization of warehouse fulfillment and shipping is challenging. Difficulties include workforce training, language barriers, accuracy, and speed. Warehouse picking…

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Warehouse Distribution Errors and How to Fix Them

Categories: Voice Technology

I had 3 recent online buying experiences that highlight different ways inaccuracies could occur in the warehouse. In each case,…

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How 3 Online Retailers Went Beyond Traditional Automation to Optimize their DC Ops Part 2 – SKU Growth and WMS Enhancement

Categories: In Warehouse Travel Optimization| Voice Technology| Warehouse Management System

How two organizations attacked the issues of SKU proliferation and WMS augmentation utilizing easy to implement mobile apps to supercharge…

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What is a Pick to Light System and How Does Voice Compare?

Categories: Order Picking| Voice Technology

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Phenomenal Results with Voice-Directed Replenishment

Categories: User Experience| Voice Technology

Night shift DC manager Rob Johnson has one word to describe the Jennifer voice-directed replenishment application at Ace Endico: “phenomenal.”…

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How to Improve Order Picking Accuracy in Your Warehouse

Categories: Order Picking| Voice Technology

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How to Reduce Warehouse Employee Training by 75%

Categories: Labor Management| Voice Technology

The average warehouse spends 6-8 weeks getting new employees trained and up to standard, representing thousands of dollars in training…

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Five Advantages of Voice Picking Compared To RF Barcode Scanning For Warehouse Operations

Categories: Order Picking| Voice Technology| Warehouse Management System

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6 Ways to Successfully Implement New Technology and Get Employees Excited About It

Categories: AI and Machine Learning| Voice Technology

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Six Ways To Improve Store-Based Fulfillment

Categories: Ecommerce| Voice Technology

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