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concept image of cyber protection at a warehouse

Fortifying warehouse and distribution centers against cyberattacks

Categories: AI and Machine Learning| Analytics| Warehouse Management System

The warehousing and distribution industry is highly reliant on technology for its operations. As such, it is vulnerable to devastating…

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Warehouse Distribution Errors and How to Fix Them – Part 2

Categories: Analytics

In this 2nd installment we’ll review the challenges brought on by mislabeling, human error and the real costs of order…

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How to Seamlessly Expand Your Fulfillment Center Without Adding Square Footage

Categories: Analytics| Ecommerce| Order Picking

On a global scale, warehouse space may have never been more in demand or as scarce as we see today,…

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Leveraging Predictive Analytics for Dynamic Slotting and Workforce Planning

Categories: AI and Machine Learning| Analytics

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Most ROI Calculators Are A Sham; 3 Red Flags To Look For

Categories: Analytics

Technology buyers should be skeptical of vendor ROI claims. The same goes for online ROI calculators that purport to show…

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The Reality Of Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses For Warehouse Vision Picking

Categories: Analytics| In Warehouse Travel Optimization| User Experience

Lucas has been testing and developing warehouse vision picking solutions using smart glasses since 2013. But last year saw a…

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Lucas Posts Double-Digit Growth In 2008

Categories: Analytics

Press Releases / Lucas Posts Double-Digit Growth In 2008 Mar 17, 2009 Lucas Posts Double-Digit Growth In 2008 Company Reports…

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