This guide reviews popular approaches to reducing travel (slotting, process engineering, robotics, etc.) in distribution center operations and discusses how AI-based optimization has even further reduced travel, leading to greater than 100% productivity improvements.

Table of Contents

  1. DC Labor Shortages And The Productivity Challenge
    1. Travel is the Lynchpin
  2. Tried and True Travel Reduction Strategies
    1. Slotting
    2. Carousels
    3. AS/RS Systems
    4. “Robotic” Picking Systems
  3. Autonomous Mobile Robots
    1. Goods-to-Person
    2. Autonomous Picking Carts
    3. Conveyance Robots
    4. Autonomous Lift Trucks
    5. Robots-to-Goods
  4. A Software Approach To Reducing Travel: AI-Based Optimization
    1. Intelligent Batching
    2. Path Optimization
    3. Using AI-Based Optimization With Robots
  5. Eliminating Travel Without Automation

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