Many DCs are investigating robotics and automation solutions to reduce labor by eliminating travel, but the cost of those solutions puts them out of reach for most operations. Lucas has introduced an AI-based tool that achieves the same results at a fraction of the cost of robotics. Lucas DWO reduces travel 30-70 percent in batch or cluster-picking operations. In combination with the complete Lucas warehouse optimization solution, several customers using this new tool have seen greater than 100% improvements in productivity and 50 percent or greater reductions in picking hours per shift.

This twenty-minute webinar will describe our unique approach to reducing travel and share examples of customers that are using Dynamic work Optimization today to dramatically increase picking productivity.

Key Topics:

  • The Travel Challenge In the DC
  • The Limitations of WMS-directed Batching and Pick Sequencing
  • Intelligent Batching and Path Optimization with Lucas DWO
  • Two Customer Examples