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Warehouse and distribution center operations and technology are changing rapidly, as companies adapt their supply chains to ecommerce and a range of other business, economic and social trends. With so much change, it’s a battle to keep up with the latest technological advancements. To make sure you’re always up-to-date all things related to warehouse and distribution logistics, subscribe to monthly newsletter by providing your business email in the form below.

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Are you spending hours each month browsing the web to find relevant news stories? We provide a “snackable” summary of the top 4-5 warehousing and distribution stories of the month, covering everything from labor trends and expansion news, to technology and innovation. In addition to news stories, the newsletter provides warehouse and DC best practices, events and customer stories.

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We help DCs reduce labor costs, improve hands-on tasks and streamline operations from receiving to shipping and returns. Best of all, you can keep your WMS as-is – we fill the gaps rather than replacing what you already have.

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