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Sep 17, 2012

Remington Expands Jennifer Voice Picking

Remington Arms Upgrades and Extends Jennifer Voice Picking System to Further Improve Efficiency Using Voice-Plus-Scanning

Lucas Systems, Inc., the leading independent provider of voice-directed warehouse applications, today announced that Remington Arms has extended its use of Jennifer VoicePlus, including a voice and scan-based picking process that captures and validates product serial numbers at the point of pick. The new solution eliminates a time-consuming post-pick step while enhancing picking productivity and achieving Remington’s product tracking requirements.

“Accuracy and product traceability are absolutely essential in our business, so even before installing voice we operated at better than 99.9 percent shipping accuracy,” said Rick Kilts, Service Operations Manager at Remington Arms Company. “Even with high initial accuracy rates, when we first installed Jennifer in our ammunition area we reduced shipping errors by half while eliminating many of our post-pick audits. We’ve also had productivity gains, but the biggest win for us is the reduction in auditing time after the picking and staging operations were completed. More recently we extended Jennifer to our accessories area as well as our firearms area and added a wireless ring scanner which allows pickers to efficiently capture serial numbers at the point of pick. We get the same high level of finished accuracy but with fewer steps and touches, which reduces our costs and order cycle time.”

The Jennifer VoicePlus system at Remington uses Motorola MC3190 mobile computers, as well as Motorola RCH50 wireless ring scanners. The MC3190 is a robust, all in one device used both for traditional RF applications and voice picking applications. In certain product areas of the Remington DC, users are required to scan a serial number on every item they pick. The RCH 50 provides back of hand scanning that eliminates the need to handle the mobile computer, saving time in each pick and improving the ergonomics of the process for users.

“Remington’s innovative use of voice and scanning with real-time item validation is a great example of how these two technologies can be combined to drive better results than traditional voice-only or scan-only solutions,” says Jennifer Lachenman, VP of Product Strategy and Strategic Alliances at Lucas Systems. “The need to track and trace item-level information is increasing across industries, so Remington’s approach may apply to DCs shipping everything from food, beverages and medical products, to automotive and equipment parts and supplies.”

About Lucas Systems, Inc.
Since 1998, Lucas Systems has delivered more voice-directed warehouse applications on a wider variety of mobile computers than any other company. Customers like Cardinal Health, the Container Store, HD Supply, OfficeMax, Mondelez (formerly Kraft Nabisco) and Rust-Oleum trust Lucas to deliver solutions that greatly improve worker productivity and accuracy because Lucas truly understands warehouse operations. Jennifer VoicePlus, the Lucas voice solution, creates a conversation with warehouse workers that frees their hands and eyes to focus on the job at hand. Jennifer also provides managers and supervisors with real-time reporting and management tools that help them better manage their operations. Tens of thousands of associates at hundreds of distribution centers work with Jennifer every day.

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