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May 16, 2011

Speedometer Boosts Voice Picking Productivity

New Speedometer Feature Extends the Labor Management and Productivity Reporting Capabilities of the Award-Winning Jennifer™ VoicePlus Solution

Lucas Systems, Inc., the leading provider of voice-directed warehouse applications for open, mobile computers, today announced the addition of Speedometer, a real-time productivity feedback tool, as part of the Jennifer™ VoicePlus system for voice picking and other warehouse operations. Speedometer gives voice picking users and DC managers real-time productivity updates and alerts. Warehouses using Speedometer have seen additional productivity gains of up to ten percent above the gains achieved since moving to voice directed operations.

Speedometer allows managers to set individual alert levels to provide real-time feedback to users as to their performance against pre-defined productivity standards. Those standards may be based on historical standards or engineered standards provided by a labor management system (LMS). By giving users real-time feedback about their performance, customers have seen additional, significant gains in productivity. Likewise, Speedometer alerts – which may be delivered by email or text message – let supervisors react to production issues faster than possible with traditional reporting tools.

Speedometer supplements the extensive productivity and labor reporting tools that are a standard part of the Engage Management Service Console, the Web-based reporting, management and configuration application included as a key component of the Jennifer VoicePlus solution. Engage, and Speedometer, can be used to provide basic labor management capabilities for organizations that don’t have an existing labor management system (LMS) or it can supplement and integrate with a best-of-breed LMS from RedPrairie or other leading providers.

“Speedometer is a great example of how a comprehensive voice solution can drive new levels of performance above and beyond what DCs would get by simply voice-enabling their current systems,” says Chris Sweeney, Senior Vice President of Lucas Systems. “Most people are aware of how eyes- and hands-free voice operations boost productivity in the DC, but companies are leaving money on the table if they are not thinking creatively about other ways to boost voice-picking performance. Speedometer helps DC managers get extra points of productivity out of their operation, which is critical in today’s hyper-competitive economy.”

About Lucas Systems, Inc.
Since 1998, Lucas Systems has delivered more voice-directed warehouse applications on a wider variety of mobile computers than any other company. Customers like Cardinal Health, the Container Store, HD Supply, OfficeMax, Mondelez (formerly Kraft Nabisco) and Rust-Oleum trust Lucas to deliver solutions that greatly improve worker productivity and accuracy because Lucas truly understands warehouse operations. Jennifer VoicePlus, the Lucas voice solution, creates a conversation with warehouse workers that frees their hands and eyes to focus on the job at hand. Jennifer also provides managers and supervisors with real-time reporting and management tools that help them better manage their operations. Tens of thousands of associates at hundreds of distribution centers work with Jennifer every day.

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