HD Supply

Implementing Lucas Work Execution Alongside SAP WMS

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance is a division of HD Supply, one of the largest diversified wholesale distributors of industrial supplies in North America. HD Supply was planning to implement SAP WM to replace a legacy WMS, but rather than moving to WM-driven picking using RF, they determined that it would be more effective and efficient to roll out SAP WM and a Lucas Work Execution solution for voice picking.

HD Supply
The Case For Voice

Implementing Voice and SAP In Tandem

After making the decision to migrate warehouse operations to SAP WM, HD Supply evaluated its picking technology options and determined that a voice-directed work execution solution offered numerous advantages over WM-directed RF or pick-to-light technology. Among other advantages, HD Supply was able to identify ways in which the Lucas Work Execution solution could fill gaps in SAP functionality, beyond simply voice-enabling SAP workflows.

Rather than implementing the new WMS and later adding voice, the operations team at HD Supply opted to undertake the SAP WM and Lucas Work Execution projects in tandem. This reduced overall implementation costs while enabling the company to create consistent, optimized voice processes across all picking types and across a diversity of DCs, all working with the new SAP WMS.

After an initial pilot implementation at their Seattle DC, HD Supply installed the SAP and Lucas systems at eight additional DCs in the first year, and has since rolled out to a total of 40 sites with more than 500 users.

The Lucas Solution at HD Supply Includes:

1) Lucas Engage management dashboard for managing work, audits and exceptions, and real time productivity reporting.

2) Multi-modal and voice-directed picking processes using Lucas Move and Jennifer Voice for piece picking to cart, case picking to pallet, bulk item picking with serial ID capture. Using a consistent voice user interface across all picking processes improves cross-training and labor flexibility.

3) Lucas Speedometer – a component of Engage – which provides real-time performance feedback and alerts to managers and pickers to improve accountability.

4) Configurable QC/Audit function that improves the efficiency of audit resources.

HD Supply


  1. 1) Internal quality rates (errors caught by QC) and external quality rates (errors that reached the customer) improved immediately.
    2) Initial picking productivity improvements exceeded 30 percent across all sites, with ongoing productivity gains as high as 75 percent in some locations.
    3) User acceptance exceeded expectations and new associate training time was significantly reduced.

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