Dara Nielsen, Principal Engineer

“My care, devotion and commitment to others drive me in both my personal and professional interactions, where I have a unique ability for creating a nurturing environment that makes people, including customers and colleagues, feel heard, understood and valued.“

Dara Nielsen headshot

As principal engineer for Lucas Systems, Dara Nielsen is the senior technical professional responsible for leading and overseeing the design, development, and implementation of warehouse execution solutions for Lucas customers globally. Specializing in C# and mobile platform development, Dara plays a crucial role in architectural decision-making, ensuring scalability, reliability, and optimization of software solutions for customer needs.

Throughout more than 15 years with Lucas Systems, Dara has continuously evolved her technical and leadership skills to consistently produce transformational, high ROI solutions addressing customers’ unique and critical challenges.

Dara is passionate about mentoring and guiding team members, collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve project goals, while maintaining the highest standards through inspiring, approachable, dependable leadership.

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