Tom Lester, Manager of Project Engineering

“Having been in and around warehouses my entire career, I have seen first-hand just how hindering poorly designed software can be for its end users. These experiences drive me to optimize every solution I deliver, with the ultimate goal of every project being to empower the warehouse worker.

Tom Lester headshot

Tom Lester is the Manager of Project Engineering for Lucas Systems and is ultimately responsible for the successful design, development and implementation of all warehouse optimisation projects globally.

Tom is highly skilled in a wide variety of technologies including .NET, C# and SQLSever and excels at applying them to produce highly scalable performance-driven optimization solutions that take warehouse throughput to the next level.

Tom’s dynamic experience spans more than 13 years designing, implementing, testing, and supporting Warehouse Management, Task Execution, and process improvement software for some of the largest supply chain operations and logistics businesses in the world,. His predominant development technologies include C# .NET (various versions), SQL Server (various versions), HTML5, Bootstrap 3+, Angular JS, Java, Oracle, and more.

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